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Honda NSX: The project is stimulus

The global economic crisis of 2008 had brings leaders of the Japanese manufacturer Honda put on their shelves project to resurrect the NSX model, while Toyota does little embarrassed the poor state of the economy and continued to develop his powerful Lexus LFA.

Moreover, the Lexus LFA is sold as lil hot cakes despite the crisis.

We went back on his decision

Today, with the success of the LFA and many european models claws offered a hallucinating price voila Honda back on its decision and reopen the "NSX" folder.

Although no precision have been made regarding the future sports car, one can easily imagine that it will be assigned a drive that will necessarily exceed 500 horses to be, a little bit, competitive. This high performance sports car could emerge in 2013.

Like the NSX 1iere generation, it would be surprising that the grind has come can not bear the Acura brand.

Honda NSX: The project is stimulus picture #1

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