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Volkswagen nears the title of No. 1 global

In 2007, the direction of the giant Volkswagen endowed itself with a bold plan, at its global production, which would allow him to become the world's largest manufacturer, and in less than ten years.

However, the global economic crisis has not hit everywhere with the same intensity, and add to it, the woes of the world number two, General-Motors, and especially not to mention those of Toyota, Volkswagen voila approach undoubtedly corkscrew of No. 1 in the world in terms of annual production of vehicles.

Already an advance of 400,000 units

According to the data analysis steps, produced by the company IHS Global Insight, we note that since 1 January 2009, Volkswagen produced 4.4 million vehicles around the world; while Toyota produced only 4 million units, giving an advance of 400,000 vehicles a Volkswagen, recorded up to 31 September this year.

According to this study, it is said that Volkswagen and despite the global economic situation, has the advantage of better 'scrappage' offered by different European governments, not to mention the success in terms of sales, the Asian and emerging markets. Added to this, its most popular models such as the Golf and Polo, coming just be completely renewed and whose sales have more than doubled since their commercialization.

The Toyota debacle

The Japanese did everything to become the No. 1 global, even going up to produce more large vehicles as necessary, and voila now it must return the 'four wheels on the ground', reducing its global production and closing factories.

This has the consequence that its 2007 production had reached 9.51 million units, which was then allowed him to become the first manufacturer in the world, should hardly exceed 7 million units, by the end of the year.

If the trend continues!

"If the trend continues' said Bernard Derome as so during elections, here is the list of the top five producers of automobiles in the world for 2009:

1 - Volkswagen

2 - Toyota

3 - Ford

4 - Hyundai

5 - General-Motors

There are only three months each to realize their most cherished dream, otherwise remain in an enviable position while saving furniture or avoid a newcomer, do come jam cards, by 31 December next.

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