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Opel Ampera: The European Volt offered 42 900 euros

• Environment: a family capable of running 40 to 80 kilometers in electric fashion

• Freedom: battery in three hours, possibility of unlimited e-driving

• Tranquility of mind: autonomy can exceed 500 km

• Livability: five doors, four seats and a large trunk

• Road Behavior: silent and dynamic

• Reservations are now open in Europe

The electric mobility begins now: of today, Opel in Europe opens reservations for the Ampera 2011, the first European electric vehicle with a possibility of increasing autonomy.

The electrical mobility is the best solution to reduce emissions in the automotive and oil dependency. But if electric vehicles have advantages for the environment and society, they must seduce a varied clientele, not just citizens. Today, this ambitious goal has become considerably easier to reach thanks to the Opel Ampera electric vehicle revolutionary.

The majority of drivers will find it very easy to adopt an electric vehicle such as the Ampera. Because in addition to a powerful lithium-ion 16 kWh battery, it has a single electric propulsion system can increase its autonomy. While retaining all the benefits of the latest battery electric vehicles, such as zero emissions and a great vivacity of acceleration, the innovative Ampera does not suffer much for the typical disadvantages of pure electric vehicles as a limited autonomy or immobilization for long hours to charge a large battery.

This allows the Ampera, five doors and four seats, becoming the first European electric vehicle giving the freedom to go where you want, when you want, without fear of having to stop because of a battery flat. The recommended retail price throughout Europe began to model for access to 42,900 euros, 37,900 euros in France thanks to the ecological bonus of € 5,000 for cars emitting less than 60g CO2 / km. Because trim levels will differ from country to country, prices in each country may differ. Guests wishing to book an Ampera can register on the site and become an "e-Pioneer" will receive exclusive information and have the opportunity to test the electric vehicle. In addition, they will be among the first to have the chance to own the first European car maker, family and functional. Commercialization will occur in the fourth quarter of 2011.

Some competitors choose to split their electric supply: a base price for the car, and cost to hire the battery. Thereby announce a price that seems attractive because the cost of leasing the battery is not stressed. However, the credit for the battery will have to be paid every month for several years, so that the total cost is roughly the same as that of a car whose price include the vehicle and battery. The fee schedule Opel plays clarity, by announcing a global cost, the car and the battery. Opel also studied formulas financing and leasing for the Ampera could seduce the clientele. The manufacturer will announce later the options chosen.

"The Ampera creates a new e-mobility category. No other electric vehicle offers the freedom of individual transportation as the Opel Ampera offers, "notes Alain Visser, Vice President Sales, Marketing and After-sales of Opel. "We do not compromise. The Ampera is a car that also shows a nice drive that seductive thanks to its high-end equipment. "

A reliable battery, insensitive to bad weather

The Opel Ampera is an electric vehicle that can operate under very different climates. It is animated at any time and any speed by electricity. For the first 40-80 km, power is supplied by the electricity stored in its lithium-ion battery of 16 kWh. While driving on electricity delivered by the battery, the Ampera moves absolutely without fuel and emissions.

Of independent surveys have shown that about 80% of Europeans traveled less than 60 kilometers per day, so that the Ampera corresponds to their needs. When the Ampera's battery is discharged, it can be recharged in about three hours on 230 volts by connecting the system loader loads the car has a standard household outlet. Because the battery can be recharged quickly, most certainly Ampera will roll almost all the time in battery mode.

Whether to make a longer term, the motor / generator petrol can imperceptibly wear autonomy over 500 km with a full tank. This range extender system means it is possible to use the Ampera under daily use in any peace of mind with the whole family.

For they have a significant impact on the environment, it is necessary that electric vehicles are diffuse large scale. The electric vehicles like the Ampera - with its increased autonomy - are the fastest way to achieve this goal because they require only minimal changes to our lifestyles.

An elegant line: any evidence, Opel

The Ampera carries in its genes the brand's new design language of Opel grille well in evidence, a strongly affirms Opel logo and bold headlamps shaped boomerangs. Every element of the Ampera was designed and analysis in terms of its efficiency, making the Ampera one of the most aerodynamic cars and most efficient operation.

On the inside, the Ampera receives luxurious endowment that suits a revolutionary car. Since Bose signed up touch screens, this car sign the mobility of the 21st century.

The Ampera has already received multiple awards from specialists throughout the continent. Among the awards received within magazines or websites, are that of the greenest car of the year (Greenest Car of the Year), awarded by the Trophee innovation awarded by the Automobile Magazine in France and one of the best electric vehicle by Auto Swiat in Poland.

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