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Law Amending the Law on Consumer Protection

Each year on July 1, gives rise to many removals, has several price increases of all kinds and the entry into force of several laws promulgated by our legislators at federal and provincially.

All these laws come into force, it is one that affects consumers and whose mission is to enjoy better protection, especially for motorists.

This is Bill 60 comes here amend the law on consumer protection and other legislative provisions. Like any government bill contains multiple items that cater usually several sectors of our economy, here we will focus on the provisions that primarily affect motorists.

A more realistic price

For us drivers, the most significant change ad in this law concerns the price displayed which will henceforth include the total amount the consumer must pay to obtain the good or service. However, this price may not include fees payable under a federal or provincial law, commonly called GST and QST.

For example, the price that will be presented to the consumer may not be the most tantalizing amount that had no other purpose than to draw people into the showrooms of dealers. This price will include the cost of transport and preparation (addition of more than $ 1,000) and any other fees charged by the dealer.

Offers clearer guarantees

Henceforth, before you offer an additional warranty or prolonged, the counselor will be obliged to inform you about the guarantees already offered by the manufacturer. This will allow you to better judge the relevance of whether or not such protection.

Finished contracts change without notice

From now on, any contract you sign with a trader can not be modified unilaterally by the latter. It must notify you of its intentions at least 60 days before the entry into force of such changes.

This notice must be sent in writing and be accompanied by a copy of the original contract so that you can compare the two documents before making your final decision.

You can of course refuse any modification to your original contract without cost or penalty, by knowing your decision in writing to the trader within 60 days of receipt of the data its opinion.

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