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CAA-Quebec balance petrol 2008 margins explode in Montreal

In 2008, while the average retail margin charged by service stations in the region of Quebec for every liter of petrol sold was similar to that of 2007 that levied on Montrealais exploded compared to the previous year. In fact, 3.3 cents / liter in 2007 (43% lower), it is rather established a 5.8 cents / liter in 2008, exceeding the provincial average of 5.7 cents / liter, this given last being calculated by the Regie de l'energie.

Whilst it is normal that the margin detail varies from one region to another, as the retail sale of gasoline obeyed among others has different local dynamics, the situation that prevailed last year in Montreal defies the logic of the laws of the market. In principle, the higher the sales volumes or observed, this margin should be lower. "It is surely difficult to understand why one year to another the retailers have increased their margin Montreal while other regions of Quebec, including the Laurentians and Lanaudière, which include however much smaller steps are able to maintain average margins under 4 cents per liter, "deplored Sophie Gagnon, Senior Director, Public and Government Relations, CAA Quebec.

CAA-Quebec is therefore difficult to explain this change in the situation in Montreal and would always work with government authorities to find solutions to give motorists a price that more accurately reflects the fluctuations of petroleum indicators (crude oil and refined gasoline). On their side, even if motorists in the region of Quebec have not been a significant increase in the margin detail, it remains that it is a 6.7 cents / liter, 1 cent / liter higher than the provincial average.

Price versus realistic price at the pump

In Montreal, the pump price for regular gasoline was higher than the realistic price calculated by CAA-Quebec for its microsite Gasoline 142 days of 249, an increase of 21 days compared to 2007. A Quebec, it was 128.5 days and a decrease in this case compared to the 144 days of the previous year. In Sherbrooke, the price the pump exceeds the realistic price for 170 days.

Ups and downs ...

The lowest price observed were respectively 70.9? in Montreal, 78.4? Quebec has 77.4? Sherbrooke has, all in December. It was further observed maximum in mid-June: 151.4? in Montreal and Quebec. In Sherbrooke, the ceiling was 145.4? (Mid-June and mid-July until mid-September).

Price increase on the eve of congestion or weekends? Another myth ...

50 weeks, the price of regular gasoline has increased 11 times on Friday in Montreal, Quebec against 1 and 4 has Sherbrooke. About 8 long weekends 2008, Montreal has had 4 ads increases the eve of frozen and 4 drops; Quebec, 3 drops up 1 and 4 periods of stability; and Sherbrooke, 3 drops and 5 periods of stability.

And the price the loading ramp?

The price is the loading ramp of Montreal has averaged 74.39? per liter, against 74.5? Toronto. The gap of 1? which was prevalent and favored Montreal there is a year has melted and is shrinking a 0.11?. Hard not to once again link with the green fee now exigee the Government of Quebec and applied since 2007.

A refining margin was lower

If the average margin was down 5.6? per liter compared to 2007, from 13.8? it was a 8.2?, she had also surprising jolts. For example, it climbs to 32? September 16 and plunges a ... -2? November 5.

And motorists? Frustrated!

"Let it be told to, Ms. Gagnon concludes, it is not because prices are stable motorists necessarily pay a fair price. We invite people to actually visit our site regularly Gasoline, hence it is possible for them to better judge the prices prevailing in their area. In Quebec, for example, prices have been particularly stable of 29 February to 16 April, but as at that time the margin was 10.3 Retail?, The situation was not to their advantage. "By putting a daily its realistic price, CAA Quebec often have the opportunity to see that motorists have good reason to be frustrated. Some lunges price at the pump place when all indicators that the organization strictly follows are stable.

CAA-Quebec, nonprofit organization founded in 1904, offers its approximately 950,000 members of the services, benefits and privileges in the fields of automotive, travel, residential and financial services.

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