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Gasoline prices: CAA-Quebec deplore the abandonment of Bill 41

CAA-Quebec believes that political parties are missing a great opportunity to adopt measures enabling consumers to better understand the changes in gas prices and get a baseline for comparison to assess the situation at the pump when refueling.

If the transparency principle defended by the Minister of Natural Resources and Wildlife, Claude Bechard, remains a laudable and desirable goal, we must recognize that means he put forward in order to reach could not guarantee as presented, greater transparency. It is with this in mind, CAA-Quebec SUGGEST parliamentary committee on 6 December last, the recommendations of nature improve exercise.

If we can anticipate and understand increases ...

For over a year, CAA-Quebec already provides to consumers, thanks to Gasoline (, a tool to manage their tank which allows them to have access to a realistic price that reflects this it costs daily to retailers in order to get a liter of gasoline.

"This tool has enabled us to see that it is easy to understand the reasons behind the price increases or even to predict," says Sophie Gagnon, Director, Public and Government Relations, CAA-Quebec. "However, we show that observations of any evidence that what consumers need is a requirement for oil companies to explain the absence of drops, that the bill does not provide . "

it is quite different cuts!

Indeed, among the regions he observes, CAA-Quebec cites the situation of Sherbrooke and Quebec. In Sherbrooke, the price displayed for regular gasoline at the pump is 113.4 cents / liter from December 5. But until Thursday, December 13, the cost of acquisition of a retail were down, due to decreases in the price of refined petrol and oil barrel. During this period, the margin ranged from 10.7 to detail and 7.8 cents per liter (excluding taxes), compared to the regional average

Last 52 weeks was 4.7 cents / liter. The same phenomenon was observed in Quebec City, area or the price at the pump was 113.4 cents from the after-noon Dec. 4. This time, the margin has detail ranges from 11.1 cents / liter and 8.2 cents / liter, while the average margin of 52 last week was 6.2 cents / liter.

In addition, after the data from the Regie de l'energie du Quebec, CAA-Quebec notes that this situation has prevailed in other parts of Quebec, including the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, in the Bas-Saint Lawrence and Gaspesie. "Why consumers in these regions did they not entitled, during this period, a decrease in the price of gasoline?" MmeGagnon questions.