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Repairs that are executed at the speed of light in Toyota

Repairs that are executed at the speed of light in Toyota picture #1

Toyota dealers: end ready to repair the accelerator pedals

- Toyota Canada reaches an execution rate of 84% of repairs to rectify the seizure of the accelerator.

- 83% of upgrades, software updates ABS were performed on vehicles Prius and Lexus HS 250h 2010.

Toyota Canada Inc. today published an update on the great progress made at repairs of vehicles Toyota Lexus and subject to recall touching the seizure of the accelerator pedal and the update of the software ABS. These repairs were performed over 230,000 Canadian vehicles referred by the following reminders:

    * 225,924 repairs to remedy the potential seizure of the Accelerator pedal on 268,908 recalled vehicles

    * 4633 updates to software updates antilock braking system (ABS) of some models Prius and 2010 Lexus HS 250h 5610 on recalled vehicles

We are delighted with the progress made to date, but we strive to repair all concerned as soon as possible vehicles. We encourage owners of any vehicle key that has not yet been repaired communicate in the shortest possible time with their Toyota or Lexus dealer to make the necessary repairs. Our networks of Toyota and Lexus dealers will continue their extraordinary efforts to meet the needs of our customers as quickly and conveniently as possible.

In addition, all Toyota and Lexus owners are encouraged to join the Club Toyota or Lexus Club, through which they can receive online information about recalls affecting their vehicles as well as automated reminders service Toyota Canada, addition to enjoying many other benefits. The owners can join the club on the site or

For more information, please visit site or contact our Center of interaction with the Toyota Customer 1 888-TOYOTA-8, or visit or contact Lexus Canada 1800 265-3987.

Repairs that are executed at the speed of light in Toyota picture #2

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