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Mazda presents its new energy efficient motors SKY

Last October as part of the holding of the International Automobile Exhibition in Tokyo the Japanese automaker announced to the direction of its intention to market the vehicles driven by more energy efficient engines.

Quite recently the auto show in New York, Mazda confirmed he would move from words to deeds.

Here also communicates issued for this purpose


- Although communicates made reference to the market rather United Unien, you will understand that these new more economical engines also find under the hood of future Mazda models available in North America.

Mazda commercialize new energy-efficient powertrains gasoline and diesel on the steps Unien United in 2011 and 2012

The launch in the United States is planned for 2011 in the case of SKY-G * with SKY-Drive *, and 2012 in the case of SKY-D * with SKY-Drive.

At the press conference it held on the occasion of the New York International Auto Show, Mazda North American Operations (MNAO) announced today that it intends to launch its all-new powertrain concept SKY * on the market united unien of 2011.

"In presenting our SKY technologies on the world market was from 2011, we will take an important step to achieve our goal of improving the overall fuel consumption by 30% by 2015," says Takashi Yamanouchi, representative director and CEO of Mazda Motor Corporation.

The first two engines will initially be launched in the U.S. in 2011 is the Mazda SKY-G. This is the petrol engine of next generation of Mazda will be gasoline powertrains intended for future Mazda vehicles. The SKY-G should improve fuel consumption by about 15% while increasing engine power.

Mr. Yamanouchi also announced that Mazda planned to proceed to the global launch of the SKY-G engine combines a gearbox SKY-Drive on the market in America in 2011, after which it intends to present this new powertrain in world markets . The new SKY-Drive automatic transmission should improve fuel consumption of a five percent additional while providing the driver a feeling of direct performance, similar to that offered by a gearbox has double clutch.

Mr. Yamanouchi added that Mazda planned to proceed to the global launch of the SKY-D combines a gearbox SKY-Drive in the U.S. in 2012, following the launch of SKY SKY-G-Drive. Mazda plans to incorporate the SKY-D engine is extremely efficient midsize vehicle its next generation diesel, thereby increasing fuel consumption on road 43 miles to the gallon? which represents an improvement over today's hybrid midsize? and a 20% increase in fuel consumption compared to current diesel engine Mazda 2.2L. At the time of its launch in the United States, the SKY-D will meet the Tier 2 standards program, Series 5, one of the most stringent emissions standards in the world. Thanks to the technology of clean catalyst Mazda, it will not be necessary to realize a post-treatment urea on the SKY-D to meet the stringent pollution norms North-American.

"By optimizing our current technologies (engines, gearboxes, alleviation and aerodynamics), we aim to benefit our customers and reduce the cost incurred for the owners," stressed Mr. Yamanouchi. "The different stages of the launch of these new technologies constitute the basic elements that will shape the future of Mazda. "

* These are the names given to used for the design of engines and gearboxes whose launch is planned commencing in 2011, and not the names of the products as such technologies.

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