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Auto-sports lounge Quebec

The 41st edition, 9, 10 and 11 April

The 2010 edition of the Auto-Sport Lounge Quebec, 9,10 and 11 April at the Exhibition Center of ExpoCite, looks one of the most flamboyant, if not the most glowing in the history of living in terms of quality and prestige cars featured will be exposed. The 41st Salon de Quebec, the largest in Quebec, will have indeed among its main attractions a few vehicles that were premiums at fairs precedents ISCA (International Show Car Association), one of the finalists of the roadsters Autorama 2010 Detroit ..

"Big names"

Among these chefs d'oeuvres on wheels that are identified by their designers as distinctive labels, the unique Timeless Rich and Paige Udell of Swan Lake, Montana, is one of these "big names" that will be the Auto Show sport-Quebec. It is a roadster concept realized from the popular Ford model 1932 a true chef d'oeuvre on wheels with several innovative technical features including new applications of chromium plating and an exclusive painting by Montana Mint DuPont Hot Hues.

The Timeless, whose estimated value frole $ one million, has clinched the second place among the eight "Grand Finalists" for the elimination of the trophy has Autorama Ridler Detroit has attracted nearly 700 vehicles. Rich and Paige Udell, owners of Timeless, are household names in the "fans" of hot rods and customs of Quebec since they have already brought to Quebec with Instigator, Chromzilla and Magnitude in 2006, 2007 and 2008. A couple other creations has to dream, who also face a Detroit brilliantly even at the Chicago Auto Show, will be the 41st-sport Quebec Auto Show. This is the "Essence", a 1967 Pontiac Firebird "full custom" Sam and Bonnie Lynn Gallatin, Tennessee, she finished 9th in Detroit, and the other, a "custom rod" Willy's Cup 1941 the quebecois CCR Technology Group which also will present a 1932 Ford roadster.

"Super cars", "tuners" and motorcycles

As cars featured are fascinating, raise curiosity and excitement, as the diversity of modified vehicles, "customs", "hot rods", "tuners", stock cars and motorcycles because of one year to another the popularity of Auto-Sport Lounge Quebec. And the visiting public he find several performance cars from Quebec and other regions whose powerful Vega 1972 Nathalie Metivier in Brossard Performance; the "sprint car" Chevrolet 2005 Dale Gosselin (Beauport); Cobra 1965 Alain Gagnon (Levis); the "super bike chopper" Carl D'Amours de Levis; Mustang Saleen modified Carol Tremblay of Quebec; mechante the Audi A4 Touring Martin Blanchette St. Nicolas and Camaro ZL 575 hp SS Performance booth.

Chrysler Club: 10 years

The club Chrysler Quebec celebrates its 10th anniversary this year and will highlight the event with the presence of celebrities vehicles which General Lee Dodge Charger a 1967 a 1965 and a Valiant Monaco 1979. Other clubs will be represented at Exhibition Center of ExpoCite whose clubs Mustang Quebec, Beautiful Cars yesterday Camaros, Crinques the club Ultimate Charlevoix and Quebec HOG club. The Autodrome Montmagny, Riverside Speedway (St. Croix), Autodrome East Broughton on clay, the series of stock car Super Sportman Quebec, Granby International antique car and the National Grand St. Catherine are the number of exhibitors.

Other attractions

Rare Mustang that is the envy of collectors, a Shelby GT 350 - H 1966 will be on display at booth Mustang International (Levis). Mustang GT 350-H is one of the 1000 versions, sections 500 and 500 convertibles, built around 2006 and 2007 by Caroll Shelby for rental purposes by the Hertz group. As visitors will see they the famous Doc Hudson Hornet in 1951 made famous in racing stock cars and later in cinematographic productions CARS Cars. Another attraction that should attention is the presence of students of the Formula SAE Universite Laval group, an experimental car, preparing for the competitions provided for in the Michigan International Speedway in May and later Mosport Park , Ontario. And after a break last year, the public auction "pinstriping" returns to the display, and profits will be donated to the Elan Foundation.

Auto-Sport Quebec Salon opens its doors on Friday April 9 14:00 until 22:30, and schedules for the following day will be Saturday, April 10, from 10 am to 10:30 p.m. ET Sunday, April 11, from 10am to 18:00. Admission prices are unchanged, $ 13 adults; children 6-12 $ 5 and 5 and under, free entry.


Auto-sports lounge Quebec

Jacques Picard, dir.general - tel. : (418) 580-2207

Jacques Arteau, rel.presse - tel. : (418) 951-8345


Note: Representatives (your) media with press cards, including cameramen and photographers can submit Friday, April 9 at the door # 7, south entrance at the back of the exhibition center, between 11:30 and 13:30 for reports, interviews with the show management and exhibitors.

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