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China urges its carmakers care quality

Following the recent recalls of Toyota cars, China is urging automakers to improve the quality of their vehicles and implement effective recall systems to support the eventual defects.

"China has become a world power in terms of production and automobile purchases, but it should be noted that certain key technologies are still default to the industry and that it possesses low capacities of innovation," informed the Ministry of Information and Technology in a statement issued on the occasion of the International Day of consumer rights on Monday.

The Ministry, which warns against possible "dangers", has urged manufacturers to "put quality in the first place" their concerns and ensure control of logistics chains, a factor cited as one reason of quality problems that have pushed Toyota has recalled more than 8 million vehicles around the world.

Sales of vehicles in China increased by 45% last year, exceeding 13 million units, and allowed the Asian giant to become the largest automobile market in the world. Sales in 2010 are on a double-digit growth so far, which encourages local manufacturers to launch major development plans. AP

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