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Toyota announces plan to fix gas pedals

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The direction of Toyota Canada has just emit a press release which announced that the company expects to commence this week, the correction will be made to end the problem of accelerator pedals.

In addition, the commnunique inform current owners of an affected car recall, on how to do or how to react if the acceleration pedal of their vehicle appears to be clamped while the vehicle is running.

Here are the contents of this extremely important communicates:


Toyota announced a comprehensive plan to fix gas pedals

Toronto, ON, February 1, 2010 - Toyota Canada Inc. (TCI) today announced that it will begin to fix accelerator pedals on Toyota vehicles in the recall key division before the end of the week. The engineers at Toyota have developed a solution that involves modifying the pedal assembly to eliminate the excess friction that causes jamming of the pedal in rare cases.

Toyota Canada announced on January 21, she recalled about 270,000 vehicles equipped with a Toyota assembly of specific accelerator pedal and it interrupted the delivery of eight models covered by the recall on January 26. The company also announced that Toyota would stop production of vehicles keys on production lines North-American for the week of Feb. 1 that would allow the company to focus on the correction of vehicles for customers whose models were the the recall.

Toyota affected by the recall and suspension of the delivery vehicles are:

-Some RAV4 2009-2010

-Corolla 2009-2010

-Matrix 2009-2010

-Avalon 2005-2010

-Camry 2007-2010

-2010 Highlander

-Tundra 2007-2010

-Sequoia 2008-2010

No vehicle Lexus or Scion division is key in these actions. In addition, the following Toyota vehicles are not keys: Toyota Prius, Tacoma, Sienna, Venza, Solara, Yaris, 4Runner, FJ Cruiser, Land Cruiser, Highlander hybrids and certain Camry models, including Camry hybrid models.

If it happens that a driver finds that his Accelerator pedal gets stuck while driving, it can control the vehicle by pushing it firmly and evenly the brake pedal. We should not "pump" the brake pedal repeatedly as this may exhausting the audience depression, and it would then exert a greater force on the pedal. The driver should drive the vehicle to the building on the nearest stop the engine and contact a Toyota dealer for assistance. Although the action of the Accelerator pedal may return to normal, it should make any further attempt to drive the vehicle.

Customers can get information and answers to questions regarding the recall by visiting and calling center interaction with the Toyota Customer 1 888-TOYOTA-8.

How Toyota will fix the vehicles in the recall key

Toyota has identified the problem, which in rare cases can cause the pedal to accelerator keys in vehicles by recalling get stuck in a partially open position. The problem involves a device or friction lever, together with a spring in the assembly of the accelerator pedal, which is designed to help control the force required to depress the pedal and the return force necessary to release the pedal and enable smooth operation of the accelerator. Due to the materials used, wear and environmental conditions, surfaces may, over time, start jamming and untap instead of operating smoothly. In rare cases, the friction of the Accelerator pedal may increase to the point where the Accelerator pedal may become hard to depress or slower to return or, in the worst case, get stuck in a partially depressed position.

Toyota's solution for current owners is simple, effective and deploys quickly. A reinforcing bar precision steel will be installed in the assembly in order to reduce the surface tension between the friction shoe and the adjoining surface. With this reinforcement in place, the excess friction that can cause jamming of the pedal is eliminated. The company has confirmed the effectiveness of newly pedals MODIFIED who had previously demonstrated a tendency to get stuck.

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