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Nissan EPORO: a technology for anti collision

A new robotic concept presented at the Salon CEATEC JAPAN 2009

In 2008, the flight of the bumblebee who inspires robot car concept Nissan BIOMIMETICS "BR23C." This year, the drone cede his place to fish with robot car concept Nissan "EPORO." From words and Episode Robot, Nissan EPORO is designed to move within a group of vehicles of the same type, mimicking the behavioral models of a school of fish in which none touches. This is the first development in the world of a robotic car capable of traveling in a group sharing information (position, environment ...) with other members of the group thanks communication technologies.

Nissan made the demonstration of this revolutionary technology with a group of six has EPORO during their world premiere at CEATEC JAPAN 2009, which was held from October 6 to 10, 2009 at Makuhari Messe in Japan.

The robot car EPORO

What he has in common between a bumblebee and a fish in the middle of a bench? Both show extraordinary gifted to avoid collisions, driving or flying to the instinct with intelligence through difficult areas by detecting obstacles before carefully avoided; what will the future Nissan vehicles equipped with new security systems.

But while the drones - the same as the car robot BR23C - are able to move only a shoal, or a group of vehicles, presents a much higher level of difficulty in matters of collision avoidance. During the development of the EPORO, the three rules of fish behavior were applied. Indeed, fish recognize their environment based on the lateral axes and using their sight. In EPORO is a laser rangefinder * 1 which serves the lateral direction and a communication system * 2 UWB (ultra-wideband) that is used for the view. They follow the following three behavioral rules:

-    ZONE 1: Prevention of collisions

Change direction without colliding with another fish.

-    ZONE 2: Displacement side by side

Moving side by side with other fish while keeping a certain distance between each fish (and in accordance with a speed adequate).

-    ZONE 3: Approach

Get closer to other fish, even at a distance.

"In our world motorized, we have much to learn from the behavior of schooling fish: degree of freedom of each fish in a safety seat, and that efficiency of migration of the bench. With EPORO we managed to recreate the behavior of a school of fish through electronic technologies trendy, "said Toshiyuki Andou, Manager of Nissan Mobility Laboratory and principal engineer of the robot car project. "Thanks to the sharing of information on the immediate environment realized through communication, a EPORO group is able to move in safety by changing shape if necessary. "

While current research Nissan aims to create vehicles capable of preventing collisions thanks to the safe brand concept called "Safety Shield * 3" (safety shield), new technology implementations in EPORO aim to improve the efficiency of the displacements of a group of vehicles and contribute to respect for the environment and the fight against traffic congestion.

Salon Createc 2009

CEATEC JAPAN is an annual event intended to highlight all the latest electronic and computer innovations. Nissan, who has since 2006, is the only automaker present. In parallel with the presentation of the futuristic EPORO, Vice-President of Nissan, Mr. Minoru Shinoharan, there will be a speech entitled "The Future of the Automobile with Electric Vehicles and Car Robotics Evolution" (the future of the automobile with evolution of electric vehicles and robotics). The brand will also participate in a roundtable on electric cars, which will lead to a society where mobility is entirely electric ("EV leads to a society of 'All Electrification' and 'All Mobilization'"). Nissan also exhibit the new system of prevention of collisions Skyline Crossover * 4 and during road tests show its diagnostic system using economic conduct has an iPhone app? * 5.

CEATEC JAPAN: Cutting-edge IT & Electronics Comprehensive Exhibition

Official website:

* 1: A laser rangefinder is a telemetric sensor measuring the distance between the vehicle and an obstacle thanks to the reflection of the laser light.

* 2: UWB: Ultra Wide Band or UWB: wireless technology has short measuring the position of the target and the distance to it by calculating the lag time between the transmission and the reflection of the signal pulse.

* 3: Safety Shield: Nissan Concept of active safety based on the idea that the vehicle must always contribute to the protection of the human being, from the road until the normal situation accident. This concept focuses on driver assistance to risks.

* 4: The Skyline Crossover Infiniti EX is called outside of Japan.

* 5: iPhone? is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.

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