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GM no longer sells Opel: a wise decision

Multiple misunderstandings that have circulated around the sale of Opel and Vauxhall Canadian supplier Magna with the Russian bank Sherbank come to an end with the announcement that the direction of the American manufacturer has finally decided to keep both european brands.

Grace has a financial situation that would have significantly improved, GM today can afford to keep these manufacturers greatly indebted.

Rapid restructuring

The GM CEO Fritz Henderson has also stated that his group was present, and as soon as possible, a new restructuring plan to the German government. According to them, it could cost up to € 3 billion to save the active manufacturers Opel and Vauxhall.

It was the only decision to make

Had it not been the fact that the government of German Chancellor Angela Merkel was in full election campaign, during negotiations between GM and Magna, the decision that has just been taken could occur earlier.

But in the reality of every day, the American manufacturer would have bitterly regretted the decision to divest its European assets. The essential elements for ages has its survival, except for the disappointing results last year, their long and fruitful collaboration.

It would have been unbearable for GM, Ford U.S. to see with Ford Europe to share platforms and models for growth or even Chrysler establish a new foundation on the old continent with the help of Italy's Fiat.

Rest now know the reaction of Magna and Sherbank facing this decision 'predictable' GM.

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