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Patience and obsessions of Fiat

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Fiat and Chrysler, the Italian confirms marriage

The automaker Fiat has become a giant in the industry, or even become a major industrial group and imposing, it has already been once ...

To do this, he had to enter into agreements with other manufacturers. However, the precarious situations Chrysler and Opel division of General Motors, then became a perfect opportunity to switch acquisition has purpose to realize its main objectives.

Unfortunately, in this world of big industry, we regularly meets friends who wish us well, but as enemies who will always try to put sticks in the wheels all your projects. And sure enough, Fiat now finds itself confronted two avenues full of unsavory racoins.

Chrysler folder

The first approach was Fiat conclude partnership agreements with Chrysler that found in dry down, in addition to entering a 35% stake in the new company, saved by the billions paid by the U.S. government. Besides this agreement with Fiat had become essential to the survival of Chrysler.

But here, this approach between the two manufacturers is challenged by a group of minority shareholders, but whose pension funds were guaranteed. They therefore felt aggrieved by the agreement with Fiat and the willingness of the government wanting to settle with a little too much rapidity. They are alles until Supreme Court and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg gave them reason for announcing this agreement should be 'hung up and this new order ...

Fortunately for Chrysler, it seems that Fiat is willing to wait for a final judgment this mess to go eventually to the real thing. But until the final decision, Chrysler plants will remain inactive.

Opel folder

It is no secret to anyone who follows the comings and goings of the automotive world, the fact that the German government, including the coast of Chancellor Angela Merkel, the Canadian group Magna International was by far the preferred in the higher spheres of government, reporting to advanced Fiat. GM executives and Opel had the same preference.

But now ahead of German parliamentarians who want to review the agreement signed between Opel and the principle supplier Magna International, itself associated in this transaction has Sherbank and Gas manufacturer, both of Russia. If the current agreement should be maintained, the new General-Motors holds 35% shares of the new company Opel, Sherbank Russian also 35% and the participation of Magna International would amount to 20%. There will be more than 10% share.

Sergio Marchionne, the boss and new savior of the Italian firm, and remain hopeful that all is not lost. Obviously, we must now expect multiple sets of sliding between the German parliamentarians and representatives of each of the companies involved in this adventure that will cost the also-billion euro of public funds.

Recall that the rescue of Opel, will have more than 26 000 workers to keep their jobs. Despite this, the concluded agreements it is expected more cuts to come in the order of 10% once, and no matter who will be the winner.

The fundamental obsession

In all this turmoil, one can readily imagine that the odds 'folder Chrysler', here we are dealing with a matter of formality which we hope you will be elucidated as quickly as possible to switch to 'establishment' between the two manufacturers.

The odds' folder Opel, Fiat chance to get their hands on Opel still very thin, but there is still some glimmer of hope, as long as legislators will be battling. But Clearly, the battle-also will be of short duration, otherwise everyone will lose the changes ...

Ideally Fiat wants become a giant automotive respects across the planet, these two acquisitions are essential and one can easily imagine that it is the beginning ...

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