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Opel and Magna, nothing goes ...

So far and this suite has an agreement between GM and the equipment on the redemption of the Opel brand, we consider all the German manufacturer went to be managed by Canadian society.

According to the information received on this approach, the new company, General Motors holds 35% of Opel's assets, while the participation of Magna would amount to 20%. The Sherbank and the Russian manufacturer Gaz would have 35% of the shares. The remaining 10% remains to be negotiated.

Twisted negotiations

But we also knew that the negotiations that followed, were extremely difficult, if not a political character.

Moreover, we learned today that two new groups of investors are very interested in buying Opel, being very aware that the chances of the Magna / Sherbank group / Gas crumble a view to eye .

These two groups, which seems to be in direct negotiation with GM is RHJ International, a Belgian company specializing in the acquisition and management of healthy companies or in trouble. Recalling thus the acquisition of Chrysler LLC by the company portfolio has Cyberus unfortunately regarded as a dismal failure and that brings the American manufacturer has duty to protect its creditors and added unto receive billions of dollars from big governments American and Canadian, to ensure its survival.

The limited information available from negotiations between Brussels and GM company, it appears that the supply of the latter would obviously be more generous than the Magna group, in addition to including this time the British Vauxhall division.

Chinese company BAIC (Beijing Automotive Industry Corp.). Always seems interested in acquiring Opel, but his chances to realize his project are still and always more than low ...

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