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The finalists for 'Green Car of the year'

The Motor Show Los Angeles is the event, which for several years, brings a component ecological character has increasingly taken by journalistic colony covering the show that defined, apart from others. However, since 2006, he became the rendezvous, to award the title of 'Green Car of the Year', a mission that has given the direction of 'Green Car Journal.

For information, the 'Green Car Journal has been founded in 1992 and is published three times a year. The latter's main purpose is to inform the public on all matters concerning the environment, especially to target the automotive world and their main achievements in green technology ....

An important choice

Each year, a small group of experts meet to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of new technologies regarded 'green', found on new vehicles has engine alternatives available from our southern neighbors. All full by the relevant road tests and targeted assessments by various environmental groups. This long process used to make a selection of five vehicles, one of them will win and will enjoy a just global media coverage.

This year, among those who have a determiner, or find the 2010 car that is more respectful of the environment, we find among other things, the star host Jay Leno, the ecologist Jean-Michel Cousteau and the very iconic Carroll Shelby.

Although the title of the competition seems to speak more particularly to so-called tourism cars, it is worth mentioning that it is also up to commercial vehicles and crossovers.

Deja four recipients

Since 2006, the leaders of the event were associated with the leaders of the auto show in Los Angeles, to proceed with the appointment of the 'Green Car of the Year', including the following examples:


Green Car of the year: Mercury Mariner Hybrid


Honda Accord Hybrid

Honda Civic Hybrid

Lexus RX 400h

Toyota Highlander Hybrid


Green Car of the Year: Toyota Camry Hybrid


Honda Civic GX

Lexus GS 450h

Mercedes E320 Bluetec

Saturn VUE Green Line


Green Car of the Year: Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid


Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid

Mazda Tribute Hybrid

Nissan Altima Hybrid

Saturn Aura Green Line


Green Car of the year; Volkswagen Jetta TDI


BMW 335d

Ford Fusion

Smart Fortwo

Saturn VUE Hybrid

5 finalists for 2010 are:

Audi A3 TDI

Honda Insight

Mercury Milan Hybrid (1)

Toyota Prius

Volkswagen Golf TDI

And the winner is?

The name of the car will be awarded the 'Green Car of the Year' edition 2010, will be unveiled on 3 December next, in the context of days reserved for journalists who cover the international auto show in Los Angeles.

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