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Canadian drivers of rental vehicles now benefit from an option to transfer their leased vehicles, the most important market of rental vehicles uses today announced the launch of the Canadian version of its market online exchange of rental vehicles. Canadian drivers can now display their vehicles on hire and to transfer this vehicle to other Canadians desiring to take the short-term lease of the vehicle. hunting the feeling of being a prisoner of long-term leases of vehicle and offer more options to consumers. The life changes (job loss, arrival of a baby, etc..) Occur commonly and sometimes without warning. If a person can not lead the lease contract term or if the person is simply in search of a change of vehicle, it may for rent rental vehicle with another Canadian driver, on approved credit. helps people break a contract by pairing has approved consumer credit and interested to resume their lease vehicle.

Many Canadians holders of a lease vehicle are experimenting situations of life in the middle of their contract that force change their vehicle, "says Sergio Stiberman, CEO and founder of "Rather than having to pay the remaining amount to break the contract agreement, now allows Canadians to enjoy an easy and affordable option to transfer their lease to someone else to s adjust to their new vehicle needs. " is much more than a simple website or include rental of vehicles for which the contract can be transferred. The company also lends a hand with insurance quotes, vehicle inspection reports and transportation quotes for vehicles rented which are not situated in the same area for customers. Popular even in times of economic slowdown rental vehicle represents the solution of choice for millions of consumers, allowing them to drive a vehicle and pay a relatively small funding situation has a portion. The exchange of leases allows people to get out of their lease contract conditions. Launches New Vehicle rental exchange program picture #1

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