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Revelations on the bad habits of Canadians about cleaning their vehicle

Although 84% of Canadian drivers eat and drink in their vehicles, three out of four respondents declared clean the interior of their vehicle less than once every few months

Canadians are known to be clean and ordered, but the cleanliness of their vehicle does not seem a priority. Despite five hours they spend on average in their vehicle per week, Canadians do not wash it frequently. Indeed, a survey of Canadian Tire reveals that 73% of respondents clean the inside of their car less than once every few months.

If we compare the frequency of cleaning that their kitchen, Canadian drivers negligent unquestionably the cleanliness of their vehicle. Nearly half of Canadians probes (48.7%) spend five to ten hours per week in the kitchen for meals, whether for preparing or eating, and 83% of them regularly clean this room (more than once per week). Although 84% dining and drinking in their vehicles, 18.7% of Canadians (one in five) do not immediately clean traces of food and drink they leave there, giving free rein to the proliferation of bacteria.

Furthermore crumbs and splashes, passengers on all fours can also contribute to the dirtiness of the vehicle. Almost a quarter (23%) of Canadian drivers traveling frequently with animals, but they are only 14% had used a travel cage to limit fingerprints dirty paws, hair residues and traces of drool.

"With the arrival of spring, Canadian drivers hate to travel the roads of the country, declares Melissa Honour, Head of Class activities, cleaning and auto body repair, Canadian Tire. Canadians spend a lot of time in their vehicles, and dirt can quickly accumulate. Canadian Tire stores, drivers now have access to specialized cleaning items and easy to use, previously reserved for professionals of automobile aesthetics center. "

Despite an environment where salt stains from sap and mud and splash of insects and birds are frequent, Canadian drivers do not wash the outside of their vehicle as often as we would expect . The results of the survey reveal that only 51% of them do regularly (more than once per month). Many drivers do not realize that prolonged exposure to the dirt will damage the luster coating of the vehicle. Not only did it affect the appearance of the vehicle, but it can also promote the appearance of rust and reduce the value of a car.

The sun and the heat being back, go out and give to your self care it deserves. A regular cleaning of the vehicle can extend the service life and make it look great on the road. Drivers should clean the interior of their vehicle at least once a week, especially in common use areas like the steering wheel, and wax their cars twice a year, that is to say in the spring and the fall, to protect it from the elements. Canadian Tire offers their cleaning items for innovative and exclusive self to help them fulfill this task, including known as Simoniz, Mother's, Meguiar's, Turtle Wax and the full range of washing items branded items car without water GOclean. As for the assortment of Autoglym professional quality finish, it includes self cleaning solutions designed specifically for the Canadian spring.

Source: Canadian Tire

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