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Toyota and Lexus reduce the price of 11 models

This is Canada Day and Canadian consumers who want to celebrate by buying a new vehicle are invited to enjoy the new suggested retail price of the manufacturer (MSRP) lower on eleven Toyota models and popular Lexus. Adjustments range from $ 1,350 to $ 7,900, depending on model *, and apply for the purchase, lease or finance a vehicle by Canadian consumers.            

Canada is recognized around the world for its natural beauty which is a source of pride for Canadians. Respect for the environment is becoming increasingly important to Canadians when making a purchase decision and a growing number of motorists throughout the country has opted for Toyota or Lexus in order to make responsible choices for the environment. "Toyota and Lexus are pleased to offer the largest range of vehicle propelled by its own powerful hybrid technology, and efficient in the Canadian market," stated Stephen Beatty, Managing Director of Toyota Canada Inc. "Today, We reduce the MSRP on the Toyota Prius, all Lexus hybrid models, and many other models which differ in terms of fuel efficiency and reduced emissions to meet the needs of Canadian drivers with fuel-efficient vehicles and environmentally friendly. "            

"The time is indicated for Canadian motorists to join those who have opted for a vehicle of quality Toyota or Lexus," said Mr. Beatty. "Towards the beginning of the year, Toyota became the first Canadian auto company provided a full range of vehicles to offer global discounts on suggested retail prices. Now with additional discounts from MSRP on other vehicles our range, we make buying a Toyota or Lexus vehicle even more attractive, and help Canadian motorists find the right vehicle at the right time and at the right price, depending on their individual needs. "

You will find after a detailed list of models and discounts from MSRP.

Toyota Canada reduced the MSRP on Toyota and Lexus models eleven            

The MSRP reductions range from 1 350 to $ 7,900, depending on the model and version. "Old" and "New" refers to a starting MSRP ads previously and new MSRP starting on basic models.

Former model egal egal New MSRP MSRP egalReduction


08 Prius (hybrid) equal equal $ 29,500 $ 27,600 $ 1,900 equal

RAV4 $ 27,400 08 equal equal equal $ 26,050 $ 1,350

Highlander equal equal 08 $ 36,900 $ 34,900 $ 2,000 equal


Serie GS 08 $ 52,900 equal equal equal $ 51,000 $ 1,900

08 GS 450h (hybrid) equal equal $ 71,100 $ 69,200 $ 1,900 equal

LS Series 08 equal equal $ 85,800 $ 80,100 $ 5,700 equal

08 LS 600h L (hybrid) equal equal $ 125,400 $ 119,400 equal $ 6,000

Series SC 08 equal equal $ 86,100 $ 78,200 $ 7,900 equal

RX series equal 09 equal $ 44,350 $ 42,950 $ 1,400 equal

08 RX 400h (hybrid) equal equal $ 55,050 $ 53,650 $ 1,400 equal

GX Series 08 equal equal $ 68,500 $ 65,800 $ 2,700 equal           

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