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It is now the turn of Ford to receive money from legislators

Unlike monies received by manufacturers-General Motors and Chrysler plan to save them, the amounts paid to Ford directly related to his obsession to offer as soon as possible of a hybrid drive vehicles and all electric.

In addition, Ford will not be the only one to receive government funds for this purpose. In fact, the U.S. Department of energy that are evaluated has knocked off the $ 8 billion in the form of loans, that will share three manufacturers.

Ford: 5900000000

Nissan: 1650000000

Tesla: 465,000,000

Ford has already garnered sums of 14 billion pennies in a program that wants a term of seven years to design, develop and market vehicles with greener technologies. Thus, the Ford Escape and Fusion Hybrid, will soon be followed by several other models, some of which has fully electric propulsion. Indeed, very recently it was announced that Ford and Hydro-Quebec was associated to develop electric cars or rechargeable hybrid technology. The new $ 5.9 billion received by the latter will of course be added to funds already committed, perhaps in order to accelerate the process.

Nissan will use these amounts first and foremost in the modernization of its plant in Smyrna, Tennessee, to produce more than say a Zero-emission cars, as well as the development of new lithium-ion battery. Recall that Nissan is working already has a program already in place and managed by the French manufacturer Renault. Thus, we could see the market by 2012 competing models to Prius and Insight, Camry and Fusion Hybrid, to name just it.

For its part, the small manufacturer Tesla has just found a strong partner or Daimler AG will use these amounts received within the accelerated development of its Model S sedan driven entirely to electricity and in the modernization of its plant.

It is now the turn of Ford to receive money from legislators picture #1

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