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2010 Toyota Prius, 80,000 orders already in Japan

Very recently, it was announced that the main rival of the 3rd generation Toyota Prius, Honda Insight, sold like hot cakes lil since its launch in the Japanese automobile chessboard. Moreover, it was merit the title of best seller in April, with 10,481 units sold.

But the oldest, if not the best selling hybrid car in the world was not going to be outdone by this cheeky little.

Already 80,000 orders

Marketing of the Prius in its 2010 edition, officially began on May 18 and the manufacturer announced even before the start, he had accumulated 80,000 flying his iconic hybrid car.

And yet, this new version presents a more refined specifications as the previous model, necessitating more pricey disbursed, especially for those who opt for the so-called high-end loads declinations.

And hybrid p'tite in all this!

Faced with the sales of the new Honda Insight hybrid, which is now easily taker in Japan and a slight decline in sales of the Prius, the leaders of the world number one automotive, and still are working hard to conceive for 2011, a more compact and less expensive especially hybrid car. It will likely be developed on the basis of future Toyota Yaris. And coincidentally, these last are due for a major overhaul for the year-2011 models.

The North American market

The 2010 Honda Insight has just disembark in America, while the Prius is preparing to do so in June or later in July.

Although the Japanese are very fond of hybrid cars, the North Americans are much less. Except, if they see their portfolio to thin out by rising oil prices, then they could become honorable citizens protecting the environment.

A great duel for these two manufacturers in this niche increasingly exclusive, notwithstanding the intermediate and hybrid SUV that will be added over the next year ...

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