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The Toyota Prius, still the best-selling car in Japan

Since its launch in the Japanese automobile chessboard, last May, the new version of the Toyota Prius hybrid remains, according to figures from the Association of Japanese dealers, the best-selling car in Japan.

Thus, the supply of the latter amounted to more than 82,000 units since its entry into service, confirming the data from the manufacturer that claimed more than 80,000 copies had already found a buyer, even before its start.

Still the land of the rising sun, current orders for this hybrid sedan exceed its 250,000 units, and the Japanese driver has to face the delivery times of between eight and ten months.

One million units in two years

The very first Toyota Prius, which was launched in 1997, had to wait until May 2007 to exceed by itself, the milestone of one million cars sold worldwide, a feat that has taken nearly a decade to a realize.

Today, Toyota has a fleet of at least 13 models powered by a hybrid engine, sold in over 50 countries, and has helped pioneer of hybrid technology, elapse another million hybrid vehicles, but this time, in just two years.

The ultimate goal of the manufacturer is to sell at least annually one million hybrid vehicles, and taking into account that he wants to add over the next two years, new more affordable hybrid in Toyota and Lexus banners, there is every reason to believe that his greeting hearest could be faster than he wants.

Evidence in Frankfurt

Besides the next auto show in Frankfurt, which will open its doors from 17 to 27 September, Toyota will take advantage of this major event to finally present his first Prius Plug-in Hybrid, whose marketing could begin in 2010.

In the latter, will be added a hatchback sedan five-door, the Lexus LF-Ch Concept hybrid technology. This means that the division of luxury vehicles Toyota is committed to market in the near future rather close, a new entry-level model is the Lexus brand, which will compact design template has to face the Audi A3, BMW of Serie1 and Mercedes-Benz B-Class which currently represent the best bets in this niche increasingly popular.

Moreover, we should not forget to mention the next arrival of the Lexus HS250h sedan, designed and developed on the basis of the very iconic Toyota Prius.

The Toyota Prius, still the best-selling car in Japan picture #1

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The Toyota Prius, still the best-selling car in Japan picture #4

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