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Months of courtesy on the road

1 May 31, in the month of courtesy, all police services in Quebec Quebec road and Control (CRQ) invite motorists, pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and drivers of vehicles transporting goods and people to adopt behaviors courteous and safe. The spokesperson of the campaign, Marc Briere columnist traffic for Corus Quebec, benefit from the campaign to daily intervention on the radio on the theme of courtesy on the road.

This year is on the theme "Courtesy, it feels good!" participants

resonate in the countryside people on the road. Over the many operations that punctuate awareness Month courtesy, people will be especially aware of the importance of reporting intentions to respect the priority of passage, sharing the road with heavy vehicles and observe several other elementary rules of courtesy. All these operations will aim at the road user awareness to the importance of mutual respect, an essential element in a climate of security and conviviality on the road network.

Participants in the campaign are the Surete du Quebec, municipal police services, CRQ, Corus Quebec, the Societe de l'assurance du Quebec (SAAQ), the National Association of truckers inc., Association schoolboy transportation Quebec, the Association of Quebec bus owners, the Urban Transit Association and the Quebec Ministry of Transportation of Quebec. Each organization will enhance its participation

has its way, but all distribute the questionnaire "What is your behavior on the road?", which aims to raise awareness of the little things to do to improve the climate on the road. In addition, several participants affix a sticker "Courtesy, it feels good!" on their vehicles.

Month campaign courtesy debuted in May 2005 and since then it increases each year its range. The SAAQ is a partner since the beginning and CRQ has joined the campaign in 2008. Both provide consulting services in road safety and awareness materials, in addition to participating in activities for various categories of drivers, including drivers of vehicles transporting goods and people.

A survey conducted in 2008 by the SAAQ has revealed that 87% of licensed driving feel that the lack of courtesy on the road is an important problem in Quebec.

Act with courtesy contributes to a climate of respect and caution on the roads. It is through the commitment of all partners and a better behavior of users willing to share the road that we can improve the road safety record. Courtesy, it feels good!

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