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Aptera TYP-1, this is not a plane

It comes from the United States and is the eye When carrying out the designer Steve Fambro. It derives its name from Greek mythology, which means' wingless. Moreover, the latter resembles nothing so much as a small plane, not a vehicle.

But it is indeed a car. Even if it has only three wheels, its design and especially its vocation different from those of T-REX and BRP Spyder, both also has three wheels.

This car literally out of the ordinary, has benefited from aerodynamic studies highly impressive. The drag coefficient of this car joined the 0.11, which is an extremely UPRIGHT rating. In addition, we replaced the traditional mirrors by cameras, thus ending the eternels breakeven.                                                                                                                               

On the inside, it has the distinct impression of being seated in an alien vehicle that nevertheless has three wheels firmly on the ground. Its creators believe it is a 2.5 car seats. Or if you prefer, two front seats side by side and a little extra back up.

In fact, there are two unpublished versions of this small highly original car. One has a hybrid engine, the electric motor is associated with a small diesel unit ultra economical. According to data from the manufacturer, this version can reach 9 km / h in just 10 seconds and provide a top speed of 153 km / h. The autonomy offered is 483 km.

The other version has all electric powertrain has a range of 193 km, which represents a very important technological Advanced. Recall that brand cars Aptera TYP-1 also offer the possibility of fetching supplementary solar energy.

The marketing of these cars more original, could begin within two years, but only our neighbors to the south and would be offered a starting price of U.S. $ 27 000.

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