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Saab, four contenders for ...

The Swedish manufacturer is in debt up to his neck ... It is estimated that its debts exceed the $ 9.7 billion (U.S.), nearly a third of which have been contracted with General Motors, which just dropped it, forcing has put himself under the protection of its creditors. However, Saab could be saved from bankruptcy called radical because of contenders has a possible redemption is pointing to the horizon.

Although the leaders of the Swedish society, remain discreet about more than the names of the prospective purchasers, it appears that four industrial groups have shown some interest in the area of ​​Saab, whose main operations are performed in the city of Trollhattan.

According to rumors, some consider 'JUSTIFIED' builders interested in buying Saab, are the Chinese Geely, the Swedish Koenigsegg preparateur, Italian Fiat and an American group more discreet.

Protection which benefited the Swedish car manufacturer against its creditors ends on 20 May. Although it is not mandatory that we should take over Saab bitumen before this date, it is clear that the purchase of the latter's interest to be in the shortest possible time, especially for all those people who are very concerned by this situation more than precarious, and probably wishing a happy denouement to this sad saga.

Sweden is a small northern European country whose population is 9.2 million. But now they are two local car manufacturers, Saab and Volvo who find themselves in great financial difficulties. While these are not the giants of the automobile that employ tens of thousands of workers, it is clear that any guarded same proportion, the end of the two Swedish, would be catastrophic for the economy of this small countries.

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