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Volkswagen Polo differente good for America

Very recently and in the international auto show in Geneva, the German Volkswagen Unveils its new Polo 5th Generation. On this occasion, the big boss of the Volkswagen Group to America, Mr. Stefan Jacoby has finally lifted the veil on the arrival of the latter in North American soil. Moreover, it is not yesterday that North American dealers of the brand, want to offer this subcompact car, in order to widen their products or rejuvenate as models Golf and City Jetta, are not currently face the weight subcompact rivals most modern especially much more economic cars, all young, and it has all the views.

Two exclusive versions for America

It is already established that the Polo models that will be available to us, will not be exported to european factories, but assembled in Mexico's Puebla plant, the odds of New Beetle models.

For America, it is expected to offer two distinct models to meet the tastes and customs of the American motorist, who say it bluntly, differs again and again approach motorists Quebecois. A vision that is much more akin to that of european. Thus, we have the right to a lengthened version of the European model five-door, followed by a four-door sedan with classic chest.

One way to imitate the Japanese manufacturer Toyota Yaris models with and Yaris hatchback, has said two complementary models that allow it to broaden its product range and has lower costs.

Cote dimensions, they will be slightly more generous than the European model, but while remaining cars subcompact category. In order to compete with more aplomb meet popular Fit and Yaris, plus the arrival of the next year, a new rival in size, the Ford Fiesta also assembled in Mexican soil.

Comparative Table (mm)

MODEL Length Width Height

Fit 4105 1695 1525

Golf 4210 1759 1479

New Beetle 4091 1724 1502

Polo (Euro) 3952 1682 1454

Yaris 3825 1695 1525 

And engine

It is unlikely that the engines available on the european versions of the small Volkswagen Polo, crossed the Atlantic. But it will be engines that will derive from these, while offering superior cylinder. Therefore the latter should increase from 1.2 to 1.4 or 1.5 liter, 1.6 liter see reach his versionTDI.

A question of price

Because assemblies in Mexico, future Volkswagen Polo for America, and will be offered a competitive price. However, according to Mr. Jacoby they should be available at the interior of a string of prices that would extend between $ 13,000 and $ 15,000 U.S..

If all goes as planned, they will be sold in us somewhere in the year 2011 ...

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