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Audi A1 will be assemblies in Belgium

It is now official, small cars subcompact category luxury Audi A1 will be produced at the plant Forest in Brussels which currently employs some 2,200 people .. The latter currently enjoys, major refurbishments to able to assemble this newcomer will have no less than 450 robots and ultra modern equipment, in order to assemble the near total of 150,000 vehicles annually. Currently, Audi A3 Sportback and Volkswagen Polo are assembled in this place, but they will gradually give way to any great new Audi A1, and at the option of its popularity ...

This long process will set in motion September, with the assembly of new prototypes, which will be used in the design and especially to the development of this new product, very promising for the future of the Ingolstadt brand.

The Brussels plant will also handle the design and finally the assembly of body panels. Moreover, all the elements which constitute the bulk of matter in automobile construction, a plan to market a new product, come from this plant. Only engines come from the outside, either the Gyor plant, located in Hungary.

First Audi A1 series called, come out of the assembly line, at the beginning of 2010, will be three-door models, while the five-door versions will follow a few months.

The American work

The Volkswagen / Audi German group is still not convinced that a five-door hatchback model available in America, can be successful, especially our neighbors to the south and Canada, notwithstanding the Quebecois, who like the Europeans , love it.

Thus, the tastes of North Americans have always availed and it is for this reason that starting in America Audi A1 remains uncertain. As proof, they have just announced that the model Audi A5 Sportback rear opening, will not be offered in America.

Currently, the only model that has a rear opening opportunities to point the nose at us, from the German auto giant, is the new Polo, which according to some sources, would be assembled to Mexico, have more generous dimensions than the European model, in addition to being offered an exclusive classic sedan at the North American market.

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