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Car Shows in crisis

Last September and despite the global economic crisis which announced on World Paris has all the same been a great success of esteem on the part of journalists and its very many visitors.

But barely two months later, under the auto show in Los Angeles, the crisis would hit harder this event with the cancellation of Unveiling manufacturers-General Motors and Chrysler. It would appear that the decision taken at the very last minute by GM executives, saving them would have two million dollars, deferring these presentations at Detroit

Detroit, saved by the bell

While standing grief and misery the Los Angeles Auto Show, it was learned that seven automakers would make defection to Detroit. Thus, manufacturers Ferrari, Infiniti, Land Rover, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Suzuki and Roll's Royce did indeed shine by their absence. In the latter, is the lack of Porsche for two years. In addition, Honda reported a few days notice that there would be no official unveiling of its new Insight sedan, although the latter would be present in the booth manufacturer. An economy with a large million for Honda.

Despite its much smaller presentations and media coverage back, this event has allowed us all the same to the knowledge of a good forty new vehicles or a dozen prototypes the ecological sauce.

Level inputs, and despite the presence of more than 650,000 visitors, the Detroit edition 2009, with declines of about 9.0% compared with data from the previous edition.

Montreal, much better served

Unlike Detroit, all manufacturers were present almost, if one takes into account the presence 'overly' discrete Chrysler. Some dropouts in Detroit, allowed the salon Montreal to present the first large vehicles in North american, the new Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback.

The Auto Show Montreal also saw its inflows decrease of 9.1%. By cons, its 186,320 visitors, 90% of them visit their popular, while 70% plan to return next year. According to this poll by Leger Marketing on site, 38% of these intend to purchase a new vehicle in the next twelve months.

Canadian shows in suspension

The 36th edition of the Auto Show in Toronto will be held from 13 to 22 February next, should normally take place without major absentees, except ANNOUNCED manufacturer Porsche which is currently conducting a thorough revision of its marketing department .

Heralding the arrival of the next spring, the very popular auto show in Quebec that this year will be held from March 3 to 8, will have three absent. Jaguar and Land Rover have withdrawn, but it is particularly Ford attract the attention by its absence. This highly appreciated event held in the grounds of a real Exhibition Center, each year benefited from the presence of new models that are about to be marketed in soil Quebecois.

The european shows the antipodes

After the defections manufacturers Audi, Citroen, Dacia, Ford, GM, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Peugeot, Renault, Saab, Seat (Spanish local manufacturing) and Smart leaders Motor Show national Spanish, come from announce the cancellation of the auto show in Barcelona, ​​which was held from May 9 to 17 Only manufacturers Mazda and Volvo had so far confirm their presence. A first that could do much harm to all these car shows called national or regional which there are thousands around the world.

At the other extreme, the leading trade fair to be held in Geneva from March 5 to 15, and the impressive motor show in Frankfurt which will open its doors on September 15, appear unless a contrary by the, head holding events without unpleasant surprises.

Tokyo in full disarray

Although the leaders of the next auto show in Tokyo have indeed juggle with the possibility to cancel the event after the announcement of some possibilities of breakage, still unconfirmed, it appears that the show will indeed take place as planned on 23 October and 8 November. However, some manufacturers still appear and still going strong reflection, as to their participation including three Americans, General-Motors, Ford and Chrysler.

In this period of rationalization, holding this show less than a month after that of Frankfurt, can only harm, on the number of interested manufacturers to submit their new products. To this is added the fact that the Japanese car market is very chauvinistic, so little inclined to make room for foreign manufacturers.

The proliferation of emerging Asian markets such as China and India represent a thorn for more leaders living in Tokyo, who are seeing more and more Western manufacturers often unveil their new products in the first great world, within the auto shows in Shanghai and New Delhi.

Unveiling of the target

 If the global economic crisis would persist and it really does not wish for anyone, we could see the automakers have to minimize their disclosures, or even be targeted to car shows or their different markets are much more favorable. With such an approach, we would once more North Americans be penalized manufacturers, including automotive Echiquiers or sales of compact cars and economic, walking represent the most grip.

Photos: Henri Michaud and Gilles Olivier

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