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Toyota stopped production for 11 days in Japan

The largest automaker on the planet, the Japanese Toyota, announced a break in the production of its 12 Japanese plants for 11 days in February and March, in response to a slowdown in global demand.

Toyota has not halted production at each of its plants in Japan since August 1993, while demand has dropped due to the rising value of the yen, and the interruption has length one day, according to the business.

The global economic crisis has severely hit the auto industry in Japan and elsewhere, forcing builders to carry out layoffs, has cut production and reporter later start new models. Leading manufacturers _ American first and foremost _ General Motors and Chrysler have find yourself on the brink before obtaining an emergency multi-million dollar government assistance.

Toyota had announced last year an interruption of production three days in January, its 12 Japanese plants. The company has since decided to extend the duration of the suspension due to the economic crisis. Production will cease for six days in February and five days in March.

Among Japanese Toyota plants, four produce vehicles, other, engines and parts.

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