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Auto Shows, the crisis hit severely

The global economic crisis is affecting more and more strong in all sectors and of course, the automobile. At this time, all global manufacturers spend in 'idle' and carry out drastic cuts in their various departments, including marketing, however, essential in the period presentations of new products, normally intended for a future marketing.

In America, local manufacturers are on the brink whether General Motors, Ford and Chrysler who demand more than ever, government assistance to ensure their survival, including that of their thousands of employees . But they are far from being the only ones to be in the Petrin has evidence the growing number of manufacturers that announce the withdrawal of their participation in various auto shows Americans.


A few days before the holding of the auto show in Los Angeles, General-Motors cancels out his press conferences, which we had to unveil the Cadillac CTS cut and 2010 Buick LaCrosse. Chrysler has also done the same. For these two manufacturers, however, they kept their booths open to visitors.

While this took place very Californian living, five manufacturers were announcing that they were canceling their participation in the auto show in Detroit, which normally should open its doors to the public from 17 to 25 January. It also means that they have also canceled their participation in press conferences, provided for the January 11 to 13. To date, Ferrari, Land Rover, Mitsubishi, Nissan / Infiniti, Rolls Royce and Suzuki manufacturers shine by their absence. For two years now, Porsche does not participate in official activities of Detroit. The duo Nissan / Infiniti has announced it will ADDITION also absent, the auto show in Chicago.

By against Detroit and has at least two Chinese manufacturers confirm that they will be waiting for you. For its part, the manufacturer BYD (Build Your Dream), which returns for a second year, should we present a new vehicle a hybrid powertrain. Brightness is the name of the second Chinese manufacturer which manufactures its own vehicles called Zhonghua or products under BMW license. This company is best known or famous for its manufacture of rechargeable batteries, especially for use in electronic devices.

The Quebecois salons

So far, everything indicates that the regulars of the Auto Show Montreal will be waiting for you. The Quebec side of the room, Ford cancels its official participation, but could use targeted activities with local dealers.

Manufacturers, the killer question?

Will you be at the show this year?

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