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Plagiarism 'Made in China'

In recent years, the world press has a field day, the Chinese industrialization in full boil, especially in the highly sensitive sector like the automotive sector.

At the very beginning, it was bent on the mediocre quality of the products from that country, especially on the side of the media Europeans, while the North-American press, favored the opening of a market more lucrative for industries North America, including those in the automotive sector.

If not plagiarists that ca

Another facet of this evolving industry, has also made headlines, is that plagiarism of Asian and european vehicles by some Chinese manufacturers, including unauthorized cloning of the Smart Fortwo and the massive BMW X5, to mention only those the.

First, it is extremely important to know that installed Western manufacturers in China must join to one or more local manufacturers to jointly produce vehicles in Chinese soil. For example, the alliance with the Chinese manufacturer BMW Brilliance Auto, allows the latter to produce vehicles under BMW license, in addition to manufacturing its own products under the Jinbei brand. This is obviously an example of cloning allows, and this form of lawful copy is widespread on the Chinese automobile chessboard.

The most famous Chinese manufacturers, such as: Brilliance Auto, BYD Auto, Chery Automobile, Dongfeng and Geely Automotive Holding, are honest corporate companies aiming to export their vehicles across the planet over the next few years.

King of the copy

He by whom the offense cometh, it is the manufacturer Shuanghuan Auto, whose specialty is the first to design and market vehicles, whose silhouette is literally a clone of another product, the manufacture is in no way authorized. So its most publicized Noble model is a clone of the Smart Fortwo. At the last add copies of models Honda, Toyota and BMW of previous generations, such as SR-V Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4 three-door and the larger BMW X5. Generally, plagiarism is limited to the aesthetic side of the vehicle, as they are mostly powered by engines and mechanical elements of Chinese design.

This controversy is mainly fed by the fact that Chinese manufacturing has agreements with Italian distributor to distribute unauthorized copies on the European markets. Obviously, manufacturers Daimler, BMW, Fiat and coves of judicial proceedings to ban the marketing of these clones, soil Europeen.

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