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Auto sales fall 25 percent in the country in January

General Motors of Canada has shown a fall of 46.6 per cent of its sales in January compared to the same months a year ago, setting the tone to the general decline of 25.3 per cent registered by the automotive sector countries.

Chrysler sales were slipping from 33.7 per cent in January 2008, those of Ford having decreased 14.2 percent.

Toyota sales, including those of its luxury brand Lexus, have declined by 2.7 percent, according to data made public Tuesday. Sales of Honda and its luxury brand Acura as they fall to 37.1 percent.

Dennis DesRosiers, industry analyst, noted Tuesday that January was the month of the year less care in terms of car sales, adding that the observed decrease compared to last year was not a surprise.

However, he states that "Canada is any evidence in the period between world recession of the automobile, and it leads many companies with him."

On a more positive note, the South Korean manufacturer Hyundai has reported an increase of 18.9 per cent of its sales. Japanese companies Mitsubishi and Suzuki have seen theirs grow 9.1 percent and 4.3 percent, respectively.

But overall, January was "a very difficult month for the industry," and GM, Ford and Chrysler "have difficulty getting out of a perception that they are in trouble, which many distant consumers of their dealers, "he says DesRosiers.

Canadian numbers as bad as they are, they bear advantageous way comparison with those recorded last month in the United States, or GM sales tumbled 49 percent, those of Ford, 40 percent, and those Toyota, 32 percent.

Overall, the U.S. market of the automobile for a fourth straight month saw sales fall 30 percent or more compared to the previous year.

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