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2010 Toyota Prius, a new report listing

After we have announced last June that the commercialization of Toyota Prius 2010 edition would be delayed a few months, today we learned that it is the entire project is questioned, nothing less.

Yes, the economic crisis has hit all manufacturers, including Toyota, which also sees its sales DISCLAIMED view of the eye, including our neighbors to the south. And among vehicles of the brand who accuse significant declines, there is the popular hybrid Prius, although the latter is rather a victim of the recent declines in gasoline prices.

Sales of Toyota vehicles in the United States for the month of November, accused declines of around 32% compared to the figures for November 2007. For its part the Prius' combined sales of 8,660 units, against 16,737 units sold in November 2007, a decrease of 46%. That figures sobering, and Toyota executives spend precisely reflection fashion ...

This means among other things that the construction of the Mississippian plant or should be produced the next generation of the Toyota Prius will be supplemented all the same, but its role will remain a definitive pending for the directors of the Japanese society. This assembly plant need investments of about $ 1.3 billion. At first, we were going to produce the new generation of vehicles Highlander and then we had decided, it seems you without much conviction, to make the new Prius, whose sales would normally know blazing increases. And today, we see the opposite with dazzling sales declines.

Fortunately, communicates issued by Toyota, makes no mention of a report on unveiling its world premiere, the third version of its Prius hybrid edition, 2010, under Auto Show in Detroit in January.

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