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Laying winter tires: CAA-Quebec speaks of vigilance


Laying winter tires: CAA-Quebec speaks of vigilance picture #1

Michelin launches the SmartWay tire (R) for steering axles

Laying winter tires: CAA-Quebec speaks of vigilance picture #2

Michelin offers advice for safe winter driving


Laying winter tires: CAA-Quebec speaks of vigilance picture #3

The choice of winter tires: good practices CAA-Quebec

While temperatures oscillate already around the freezing point at night, CAA-Quebec reminds that it is time to proceed to change tires and make sure the same opportunity to their good condition to address the cold season. In fact, a winter tire sole too thin will not provide the minimum performance required for driving in winter conditions safely.

Sole in good condition

CAA-Quebec, the sole of a winter tire in good condition in the beginning of season should minimally be five millimeters thick (about 6/32 inches) to ensure adequate adhesion for the duration of the cold season. To have the heart net heart, just use a depth gauge has to consult his trusted mechanic or use a 25 cents. To realize this last thing, the side has the effigy of the caribou must be plunged head first into one of the slots in the central tire tread, nose to the ground, it is not possible to see the muzzle. We conclude that as the thickness of the sole is sufficient to season.

Choosing the right tires

These are not all winter tires offer the same levels of performance on a vehicle. In reality, there is no bad tires, but most tires ill adapted to a situation precise. Considering that a consumer will invest an appreciable amount, about $ 500 for a set of high mark in a standard size, the importance of making a purchase notify becomes obvious! "Your driving habits, the conditions in which you drive most often and the type of vehicle you drive here are only a few questions to consider before acquiring new tires," says Jesse Caron, automotive researcher at CAA -Quebec. "And, usually, you will always have your money. "

Mandatory pictogram 2014

Of 15 December 2014, all tires of vehicles to walk, including full-size pickups, will display the pictogram dominated mountain snowflake. "Authorized since the entry into force in 2008 of the regulation on winter tires, tires at the designation LT (Light Truck) will not be accepted from the December 15, 2014, unless they bear the symbol or they carry crampons, "says Caron. "Ultimately, it is mainly users of LT tires must comply, since the vast majority of winter tires for passenger vehicles are already equipped with the precious symbol. "

Installing home ... beware!

Because many motorists make themselves change their vehicle tires, it is important to remember that the use of appropriate tools is strongly recommended to avoid unpleasant surprises. Indeed, inadequate clamping with too much pressure on the nuts, bolts can break; such a maneuver may even cause the loss of a wheel! Using a torque wrench or adjustable pneumatic tools therefore proved to be more desirable. We find relevant information bound to the torque of the nuts recommended by the vehicle manufacturer in the Owner's Manual.

Dates to remember and tips from the pros

The obligation to provide a vehicle with winter tires is effective from 15 December to 15 March. The use of studded tires, as it has, is permitted from October 15 to May 1. For more information, people can visit the section on the road Members also have the opportunity to communicate with automotive consulting CAA-Quebec for response to all bound to change tire question. Is it recommends equipping a vehicle with four identical tires? Should we install the best tires in the front or the back? Can we change the diameter of the tires? Briefly, CAA-Quebec specialists are responding to tens of thousands of issues annually.

About CAA-Quebec

CAA-Quebec, an organization non-profit founded in 1904, offers its 1,250,000 members services and privileges in the fields of automotive, travel, residential and financial services.


Laying winter tires: CAA-Quebec speaks of vigilance picture #4

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