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Mercedes S 600 Pullman Guard armored more than ca ...

The American President Barack Obama appointed, will have at its disposal commencing on January 20, an armored limousine ultra called 'DTS Presidential Limousine. For short, the 'Cadillac One' in reference to the presidential plane Air Force One. Although this car is conceived around the frame and elements of mechanical Cadillac DTS, the presidential limousine is the work? Engineers of the firm O'Gara, Hess & Eisenhart.

And other crowned heads

The very large majority of heads of state around the world, travel aboard a car Mercedes-Benz brand, including the model of Class S. Note that most of them do not actually need an armored car. Or maybe you do not know, but the German industrial group Daimler AG, which includes the manufacturer the star has a very special division or assembling of armored vehicles, ultra safe & fully assembled has hand ...

This year, the celebrated its 80th anniversary as a manufacturer of armored vehicles and brand took the opportunity to present at the Paris, its very latest achievement, the Mercedes-Benz S 600 Pullman Guard, by far the most successful of all immersion limousines.

Limousine limousines

As its name suggests, this new version has been developed on the basis of the S-Class sedan a wheelbase longer.

Aesthetically, we know that we are dealing with a Mercedes-Benz, but the dimensions were very stretched, both in length and height q'en. This impressive limousine measuring 6356 mm, which allows it to offer very large spaces to its passengers.

Like the very large majority of limousines, armored or not, there is a inside two distinct sections. There is obviously space to reserve driver, usually firm and completely separated from the rest of the car. At the rear, the section reserved exclusively for VIP '; should we say, can accommodate four passengers comfortably seated in individual and reclining seats, seat face to face so they can talk in the eye. These enjoy a variety of electronic gadgets, all at the cutting edge of technology. They are welcomed in a spooky kind of decor.

More blind than that, you die

You understand that the details of shielding systems used by the engineers of the German group, remain 'Top Secret'. However, we know that the technology employed can and must protect the occupants of the car against all kinds of armed attacks from outside. Whether from a repetition projectile weapons, grenades or explosive materials.

Such protection must cover all parts of the vehicle including the windows that had a right to any special attention. She can even ride a dish. The petrol tank is self-sealing design so that fuel can not come into contact with fire, which could cause a deadly explosion for the occupants. The section of the driver and the passengers have a sprinkler system in case of fire. Its protection level B6/B7 kind of meets the highest standards in this industry more than secret.

Reliable mechanical

The very special Mercedes-Benz S 600 Pullman Guard is powered by a powerful 5.5-liter V12 engine has twin turbos, developping the modest power of 517 horsepower and a torque of 612 dementia lb.-ft. (830 Nm). 

Mercedes S 600 Pullman Guard armored more than ca ... picture #1

Mercedes S 600 Pullman Guard armored more than ca ... picture #2

Mercedes S 600 Pullman Guard armored more than ca ... picture #3

Mercedes S 600 Pullman Guard armored more than ca ... picture #4

Mercedes S 600 Pullman Guard armored more than ca ... picture #5

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