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The more stressed than ever Volvo brand ...

Over the past two years, the manufacturer Ford has accumulated losses exceeding 15 billion dollars (U.S.). In addition, all indications so far that the results of 2008 announced more disastrous. Direct consequence of the American public that increasingly eyeing vans and SUVs, two extremely important markets for North American manufacturers in freefall.

Obviously, it does not need more to see lady rumors resurface and imagine number of hypotheses concerning the sale of the Volvo brand.

Ever also be sought

Although Ford executives deny the Suedoise want to sell original brand, which is to remove some 2,000 workers, everything seems to indicate that the American giant will have no choice but to dispose of this brand.

In addition, all indications are that this time, they are offers that are presented to Ford that appear attention. We had already spoken discussions with BMW in the period when Ford was put on sale the brand Aston Martin finally acquired by a financial group led by David Richards, chairman of Prodrive.

These are not all the rumors about such an eventuality. Thus, the Renault / Nissan Group have been very interested in acquiring Volvo, but the costs would have been regarded as prohibitive by the latter. Recall, Renault and Volvo were coming very close to an agreement and finally it was Ford who won the victory, which became almost a gift to nature rather enpoisonne.

Like the Indian group Tata, who today benefit from the technologies it brings the purchase of Jaguar and Land Rover, the Chinese automaker Dongfeng third seems more than interested by the Volvo brand. Finally, we speak more discreetly a very Russian industrial group interested and who could also benefit from technologies Swedish manufacturer.

Ford denies least

Yesterday, Ford executives denied wanting to sell Volvo and now they just say they do not comment on any new hypothesis about selling the Swedish brand, if an official announcement at an agreement, should this become the resultant negotiations between the contenders of this brand that seems to be increasingly desiree ...

The more stressed than ever Volvo brand ... picture #1

The more stressed than ever Volvo brand ... picture #2

The more stressed than ever Volvo brand ... picture #3

The more stressed than ever Volvo brand ... picture #4

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