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Living in Sydney, at the other end of the world

In Australia, the International Motor Show in Sydney is a strictly national event, or especially afterwards the said local products. Thus, Ford Australia and Holden divisions (GM) are the major local manufacturers benefit from holding this salon to present their main novelties, concepts vehicles and especially their new trucks, because the land hostile Australians have always been a fertile ground to the use of such vehicles.

A local salon that emancipated

Each year, the organizers of the Salon Sydney, seeking to attract the largest number of manufacturers, since many of them are aware that the Australian work is both very limited and mainly target to utility vehicles vocation, not PRESENT simply not. However, this year, seems to have limited the damage with the presence of brands like Lamborghini and Ferrari, where the market is more Australian than marginal. Among the missing marks, speaking manufacturers Porsche, Audi, Jaguar, Land Rover and others. Lack of Land Rover will surely amazed by more than one, given the vocation of its commercial vehicles, which corresponds precisely to the needs of a certain class of people in this beautiful part of the country.

Separate living, such as Montreal

In some respects, the Auto Show Sydney resembles that of Montreal. He stands at the Sydney Convention Centre, which offers a large exhibition of 28,000 square meters-room. This year, it will be replaced at least 7 vehicles unveiled in the first world, not to mention the presence of a good fifty novelties, which will be eventually available in Australian soil. Beyond 245 000 visitors each year crossing the entrance turnstiles.

Holding the Motor Show in Sydney is a great opportunity for us to discover several new models, usually unknown to us. I remind you that the current Pontiac G8 is effectively a Holden Commodore sedan / Monaro, whose conduct passes from right to left.

Examples of Australian products

Ford Falcon GT

It is presented as a model to Special Edition and very limited circulation. Only 200 units will be produced, to mark the 5th anniversary of the department Sport Ford Australia. Its engine is a V8 422 horsepower.

Holden HSV Senator

Here's another achievement was drawing limit. Only 50 units, including 20 equipped with a manual gearbox has six speeds and 30 with automatic transmission has six speeds. This large sedan is powered by a powerful 412 horsepower V8.

Mitsubishi Triton TWR Concept

Recognizing the importance of the work truck in Australian soil, Mitsubishi advantage of this event to unveil a concept truck called Triton TWR. Dressed all in black and very impressive, it benefited from a 6L engine 3.2-liter TDI with 177 hp.

Toyota Hilux TRD

For us, the Toyota Hilux is something of the past, but in Australia it is a must for anyone who needs a truck of this size. His strength, he must have his engine 4.0-liter V6 supercharged 294 horsepower.

Volkswagen Pickup Truck Concept

Quite recently unveiled at the show in Hanover, it is specifically designed for the steps Australians, Africans and South America. Its production will be 100,000 units annually. Its main mechanical components are revealed, shortly.

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