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Vacation intentions by CAA-Quebec: changes for summer 2011

The annual survey conducted by CAA-Quebec on vacation intentions of its members revealed that 70% of respondents take advantage of the summer to take a rest, which represents a decrease of 10% compared to last year. In addition, always in comparison with the data of 2010, a greater proportion of them provide no displacement having a night on the outside during their holidays.

A matter of essence?

One explanation for this change in behavior was observed in the annual survey of 907 CAA-Quebec last May is perhaps the higher price of gasoline. To the question "Is the current petrol prices will have an impact on planning your summer 2011 holiday? "55% of respondents said yes, while this is not an influencing factor for 40% of other respondents. Consequences of the high cost of gasoline, vacationers go less far in a proportion of 57%, 26% reduce entertainment, 21% less time staying on the outside and 21% will decrease the number of meals in restaurants.

"Considering that the means of transport used for 3 guests 4 remains the automobile, it is understandable that the higher prices of gasoline have an impact on the budget family vacation. And unfortunately, it seems that hoteliers, restaurateurs and entertainment venues could pay the price, according to the data collected, "says Sophie Gagnon, assistant vice-president for public and government relations at CAA-Quebec.

Or do we go?

Besides the two main findings LAID, destinations and desired activities during these vacations are much the same as in the past. In fact, nearly 50% of travelers remain in Quebec. The rating is always represented American destination for sun and beach, with 14% of intentions, as well as other Canadian provinces that hold the attention of 13% of the probes. Other American States, Europe, Florida and other sun destinations close walking with more marginal proportions.

What will we do?

Majority or a 44% of the respondents traveling in their area, a similar proportion to the year passes. They take the opportunity to visit friends and relatives (20%), lounging on the beach (15%), explore a national park (6%) and sports (4%). On this side, as for the means of transport used to reach a destination - either the car is 74% - no surprise. Members also remain faithful to their habits on the type of accommodation privileged or hotel, motel or inn has 36% and camping ever popular is 21%.

We spend how much?

In general, the trend continues, that is to say a good proportion of members who are consulted to take a vacation, or 32%, considering between $ 500 and $ 999 spending, is quite the same proportion as that of 2010. Indeed, for the majority of respondents, or 52%, the budget allocated to the holiday remains the same. In sum, if the people who will spend traveling, as usual, they are all the same 10% less to make these expenditures, the difference is observed in the general vacation intentions Member probes compared to 2010.

"Even if it is a survey of intent, we can say that the data obtained are likely to support a change in attitude of the members for the summer holidays in 2011, since in the past CAA-Quebec has been note that the intentions are very revealing of reality, "said Gagnon.

Prudence, self and TripTik

In conclusion, CAA-Quebec reminds the caution on the road and that frequent stops must be performed to avoid excessive driver fatigue. A break every two hours is recommended. Similarly, a mechanical verification of use is always advisable before departure to avoid unpleasant surprises. Remember that it is possible to obtain a road track online on the website of CAA-Quebec or for members to order a paper version of the TripTik. Finally, the travel section of includes many vacation packages and cheap services, including car rental.

CAA-Quebec, an organization non-profit founded in 1904, it offers its 1.1 million members services and privileges in the fields of automotive, travel, residential and financial services.

Source: CAA-Quebec

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