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Sales of new vehicles have decreased 2.6 percent percent in April

Canadian consumers bought 143,300 new vehicles in April, down 2.6 percent compared to March, because, above all, the decline observed in the western provinces, according to seasonally adjusted data from the inquiry Statistics Canada sales of new motor vehicles.

There is a third drop in a row, with sales also declined in March and February.

In April, sales of private cars fell 5.0 percent to $ 75,020 a units, while the number of new trucks sold (which include minivans, sport utility vehicles, light and heavy trucks , vans and buses) is passes 68,280 units, a slight increase of 0.2 percent.

Sales have declined in seven provinces, to the Ile-du-Prince-Edouard (4.4 per cent), Nova Scotia (15.4 per cent), Quebec (2.1 per cent), Manitoba (5.4 per cent), Saskatchewan (7.1 per cent), Alberta (8.7 per cent) and British Columbia (7.0 percent).

Sales by increasing against New Brunswick (7.5 per cent), Ontario (2.1 per cent) and Newfoundland and Labrador (0.7 per cent).

The sharp increase registered in New Brunswick currently has the number of new motor vehicles sold its highest level since December 2002, has 3530 units.

Statistics Canada says the numbers spotlighting Monday April the provisional data from the industry for May suggest that the number of new motor vehicles sold will remain relatively stable.

Sales of new vehicles have decreased 2.6 percent percent in April picture #1

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