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The real Kia Soul rises!

We met for the first time with the Kia Soul 2006 in Detroit, as a concept vehicle crossover compact type original and very eye-catching style. We already felt that the latter, jointly designed by stylists Americans and South Koreans from Kia, wanted to be seen as much as possible, to analyze the reactions of people when holding various Auto Shows pounding everywhere, especially in North America ..

Added to this are the reactions and criticisms of international journalists during the unveiling of novelties or vehicle concepts, which can also be taken into consideration, but not necessarily as a criterion of foreground when decision is made to produce or not a new vehicle. People closely associated directly or indirectly to the mark, may also influence the final decision, by making known their perception, or make suggestions, depending on the steps already taken in the evolution of the vehicle in development.

Visitors to Auto Shows Montreal and Quebec, have them also admire his very original shapes, vehicle whose character is both winning, sports and multifunctional.

However, it was in March, where everything is really decided when Kia presented at the Salon de Geneve three concepts warning multiple possibilities to customize the Kia Soul. Thus, Diva, Burner and Searcher concepts, colors and showed especially strong distinctive tattoos, each determinant has their own personality ..

The Kia Soul is a crossover vehicle that will mainly compete with Honda Element, Scion Xb and the Nissan Cube vehicle, planned for a future marketing. In the latter, it is clear that the approach of such TUNING exercised about this car is particularly the marketing philosophy Popular Mini and Clubman.

Although the final model will be presented in September at the Paris Motor Show, Kia, today unveiled the first pictures official called it. Thus, the three images released by the Department of Marketing shows a photograph vehicle driver rating in three different colors are: red Tomato, Vanilla Shake and Bright Silver. But the most interesting, estde that the final product will be almost identical to the concept, which is increasingly common in this industry.

Cote mechanics, and discretion is required, however we can easily imagine that the database engine could be a four-cylinder 2.0-liter atmospheric or turbocharged mates has a manual gearbox five or six-speed automatic transmission and has a sequential order. Obviously, the Europeans will require steps Kia avail of a diesel engine, which is not a problem for him, because many of its vehicles available out there, that are powered by fuel type.

The real Kia Soul rises! picture #1

The real Kia Soul rises! picture #2

The real Kia Soul rises! picture #3

The real Kia Soul rises! picture #4

The real Kia Soul rises! picture #5

The real Kia Soul rises! picture #6

The real Kia Soul rises! picture #7

The real Kia Soul rises! picture #8

The real Kia Soul rises! picture #9

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