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And large cell speeding, new measures!

New road safety measures come into force on April 1, 2008, in Quebec. The use of hand-held cell phone will henceforth prohibited. More severe sanctions will also inflicted on the guilty major speeding drivers. These new measures are in response to changes to the Code of road safety adopted last December (Bill 42).


The cell phone has been a growing success in recent years. However, its use while driving a vehicle constitutes a significant source of distraction that can cause accidents. For this reason, any hand-held device having a telephone function as a cell phone or handheld device (eg, BlackBerry) is prohibited while driving a vehicle.

This offense will be worth the offending driver a fine of $ 80 to $ 100, plus costs, and three demerit points. Over the next three months, offenders will receive a warning, but as of 1 July 2008, peace officers will submit statements of offense. Using a device with the "hands-free" still permitted but should not be taken because it also represents a risk to driving.

Major speeding

Each year, on the roads of Quebec, speed kills 250 people and injures more than 11,000 others. To reverse this trend, more severe sanctions will be in force from 1 April to address the drivers that make great speeding on the roads of Quebec.

A driver commit a large speeding when exceed:

- 40 km / h or more the speed limit in an area of ​​60 km / h or less;

- 50 km / h or more the speed limit in an area of ​​more than 60 km / h and up to 90 km / h;

- 60 km / h or more the speed limit in an area of ​​100 km / h.

Compared to existing sanctions:

- the number of demerit points will be doubled;

- the amount of the fine will double or triple depending on the number of offenses for major speeding driver of record.

For example, if a driver is cut a 145 km / h in an area of ​​90 km / h, and if convicted, he will be liable to a fine of $ 710, including fees and 10 points unfitness. In addition, the conviction will be registered for 10 years the driver's record. This means that a driver who cut back for another great speeding, during this period, could face a more severe penalties.

New sanctions into force shortly Over the coming months, other sanctions on major speeding enter into force on the date fixed by the Government of Quebec. Depending on the number of convictions recorded at the SAAQ since 1 April 2008 and the zone speed limit or the offense has been committed, the driver could see:

- his license suspended for 7, 30 or 60 days;

- the vehicle he drives seized for 30 days.

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