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Roadworks, slow down!

Doubled fines for drivers speeding in construction zones

The Quebec Transport Minister Sam Hamad, reminding road users that, starting from next Thursday, March 10, fines will be doubled for anyone who exceeds the posted speed limit in construction zones.

For example, here are the amounts of the fines that violators will face in a work zone or the posted speed limit is 70 km / h:

 Posted speed real speed Fines

 70 km / h 90 km / h $ 55? 2 = $ 110

                                          100 km / h $ 105? 2 = $ 210

                                          115 km / h $ 195? 2 = $ 390

Road Safety: everywhere and for all

The implementation of the recovery plan of the state of the road network began in 2007 resulting in an increase in the number of projects on the road, increasing the opportunities for drivers crossing work areas.

"Despite all mitigation measures in place, the crossing sites roadworks still present a risk. We reinforce the road safety code to better ensure the safety of road users, but also marshals and workers roadworks exposing themselves to risks if drivers do not respect the signs and the posted speed limit " , stressed the Minister Sam Hamad.

This new provision of the Code of road safety was part of the guidelines proposed by the government in Bill 71 adopted last December 10 by the National Assembly.

The measure will enter into force 10 March 2011 amends section 516 of the Code of road safety. Note that the demerit points to a driver file intercepts offense remain unchanged and that the penalties for major speeding continue to apply in work zones.

Culture of speed

Even today, the speed is involved in several accidents that occur on work sites. In 2009, nearly 15,000 offense reports were donated around roadwork sites, 72% to speeding.

The road work zones include features which require that drivers comply with the posted speed limit, mainly because of the presence of workers and the binding configuration.

In addition, the Minister acknowledged that significant gains have been made in terms of road safety: "The different activities that our government posed allow Quebec to record the best road record the last 30 years. However, gains in road safety being fragile, it is important to maintain all necessary efforts to ensure that the roads of Quebec are among the safest, "says a Minister Sam Hamad.

Soon, more workers on our roads

On February 28, the Minister Sam Hamad announced as early as road investment of more than $ 3.9 billion in 2011-2012. Thus track to start or supplement over 1,645 projects that will result in the presence of some 53 600 workers working on roads. At the beginning of the construction season, the Minister stressed the importance for users to exercise caution.

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