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Marangoni, a tire brand to discover

I must admit that if someone had asked me a few weeks ago that was the Marangoni brand, I probably would have answered him that it was a brand of Italian pasta or ice cream, something in the genre. Yet, in truth, it is a mark of emergent tires, made in Italy, which is distributed in Canada for several months now.

And my Italian friends will forgive me for not having known that it was a company in business for over half a century, specializing in its infancy in the production of machines used to manufacture tires and one of the most important companies in the processing of tires retreaded. And yeah, Marangoni is becoming a major producer of industrial tires for heavy machinery.

It is with such technical knowledge and a research and development major Marangoni is interested in the production of tires for passenger cars. The Giants recorded progress in terms of new tire lines have encouraged it a few months ago, the company Import Montreal Grand Prix to take over the distribution of the brand in Canada. This company is mainly specialized in the marketing of automotive high-end products manufactured in Italy and having chosen these tires is a recommendation in itself.


Given that I just discovered the brand, it is difficult to speak of tests developed by me. By cons, pending the arrival of summer, we can dream by drawing a brief inventory of models intended to warmer days.

This summer range seems interesting both because of the sculptures of the soles of different models to the catalog by their general characteristics. The high-end model is the Mythos, a tire speed rating of Y (300 km / h) followed in the hierarchy by Zetalinea.

It is appreciated by the tire adapted Tuning and has also been developed in collaboration Franz Engstler ave, one of the most reputed German tuners. This is the tire that most closely resembles a car tire race. Followed in the hierarchy and the Verso Vanto.

The engineers at the Marangoni have also appealed to their experience in the field of industrial products to develop a tire for SUVs, the Maxo.

Winter Surprise

The segment of winter tires is very popular in Quebec and the market is cluttered with all kinds of tires, all supposed to be better than each other. Manufacturers promise too using materials that miracles are supposed to subdue and defeat the ice snow. In Marangoni winter range has a name: Weather. He will decline in HP, Grip and ESC release. Also noted that the HP Weather is also available in a version for SUVs. Grip can be endowed studs while the ESC model (for economy, safety and comfort) is specially designed to offer less rolling resistance and high wear resistance.

I had the opportunity to test for a few days a floor car tires Meteo HP in order to check their behavior in winter conditions. This is not a comprehensive test of several hundred kilometers, but the road conditions were sufficiently diversified to be able to know at what to expect.

My first observation was their quiet ride on the pavement discovered. Often effective winter tires are noisy as not. This time it is a silence of good quality. In addition, the precision of the pipe when changing direction is a highlight. Suite has the storm of December 3, it was easy for me to find a way to make some enneigee km in the average depth of snow and the traction was effective. In short, it Meteo HP seems to be a good value, while its construction is neat and its superior performance is average. It is available for the rims 15, 16,17 and 18 inch profiles in 65,60,55,50,45 and 40. As for widths available, they vary from 195 to 225.

For more information, visit the Canadian site:

HP-weather tire characteristics

Melange FOM-IC content of SILICA pupil with SPE encapsulation particle technology

Drawing of the asymmetric tread has 4 longitudinal channels

New system of wave-shaped sipes has variable geometry

Code speed up V (up to 240 km / h)

Technology platform PST (technology performance and security).

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