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Quebecois many drivers ignore safety corridor

Many Quebecois has persistent disregard the safety corridor and, even if they are exposed and to receive a fine of more than $ 200 and four demerit points accumulate.

With the introduction of this measure, 5 August 2012, the provincial government wanted to encourage drivers to slow down and away from a vehicle stopped on the side of the road, whether a depanneuse, a car monitoring, a patrol car or an ambulance.

To date, more than 2,600 offense reports were distributed in order to ensure the safety of people who are driving these various vehicles but still, they do not all enjoy the same respect.

For example, according to the spokesman for Transport Quebec, Stephane Boivin, drivers are generally not pray to stop and take them away when they see a patrol car on the shoulder.

By cons, they are reluctant to adopt the same behavior when it is a depanneuse who finds himself in this position.

Mr. Boivin think this difference is easily explained.

He argues that motorists are aware that a police officer may enter their knuckles for their indiscipline while the driver of a tow truck does not have the power of coercion.

By Catherine Gignac

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