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Free exchange: Canada could export more cars in Europe

The Canadian Press has learned that Canada had opened the door to the eightfold increase in the number of motor vehicles sold in Europe, under a proposed free trade agreement.

This potential victory for the Canadian automotive sector is one of the many new factors highlighted in a document obtained by The Canadian Press.

German analysis of seven pages, dated June 18 revealed several never shown Elements negotiations that continue between Canada and the European Union.

One of these items is the possibility that Canada eliminated its rules of foreign ownership in the sector of mining uranium mining, in addition to liberalize the rules surrounding the lucrative telecommunications sector.

The document points out that last year, Canada exports only 13,000 motor vehicles to the European Union, while sales in the other direction have totaled 114,000 units.

The document also mentions that Canada would be willing to get rid of its rules restricting 49 per cent foreign ownership of mines in the uranium industry.

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