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Budweiser and designated drivers

An innovative advertising marks a new era in the fight against drunk driving

A material change in the way in which young people today perceive - and appreciate - the designated drivers, compared to the previous generation, according to a new Ipsos Reid research that portrays the commitment and acceptance social young adults who act as a designated driver in Canada.

Sponsorship by Budweiser in the launch of its new digital advertising campaign that celebrates and thanks the designated drivers, the survey revealed that the designated driver concept is becoming a common practice among young adults (aged between age legal to drink and 34 years) †. In fact, the majority of them acted as designated drivers (78%) or were passengers in the vehicle of a designated driver (74%) over the past three years.

After more than 30 years of efforts and campaigns advocating the importance of using a designated driver, the results indicate that volunteer as a designated driver or ask a friend to do it is now well anchored in practice.

"This landmark research revealed that the use of a designated driver has evolved to become a social norm. We are at the stage or young - the legal age for drinking until 34 years - planning their return home safely and designated driver is a key element of the solution, "said John Wright, Senior Vice President, Ipsos Reid. "This is the first time in our research we find a strong correlation between the feelings of designated drivers and passengers - they are highly favorable towards the concept of designated driver. "

Here are some highlights emanating from the survey:

From the designated drivers

79% of respondents who have been designated drivers during the last three years have been an average of 19.3 times.

93% of respondents agree (59% strongly agree, 34% somewhat agree) with the statement that they want to protect their friends being designated drivers.

87% of respondents agree (44% strongly agree and 43% somewhat agree) with the statement that they want to protect their community by being designated drivers.

Only 55% of respondents believe that the designated drivers get enough recognition for the service they offer.

"Does this mean that the problem of drunk driving has been resolved? Unfortunately not, "says Wright. "But it shows that a major change occurred with respect to the previous generation in the way in which young people perceive the use of a designated driver who went from being a desirable habit a habit that the majority of them are out of hand for their own safety and that of others. "

From passengers

93% of respondents agree (50% strongly agree and 42% somewhat agree) with the statement that our communities need more designated drivers.

89% of respondents agree (45% strongly agree, 44% somewhat agree) with the statement that the designated drivers make a difference in their community, as well as those who participate in the chores of cleaning or volunteer at a food bank.

85% of respondents agree (39% strongly agree, 47% somewhat agree) with the fact that if the designated drivers receive greater recognition for the gesture they arise, it would be more people who would volunteer.

Budweiser is launching a new advertising "Thanks to designated drivers"

Reflecting the perception of today's young adults, Budweiser has launched a new digital campaign that celebrates and thanks the designated drivers. Advertising that targets young people of legal age to drink up to 34 years, setting the unanimous opinion that the designated drivers contribute materially to the security of their communities and deserve to be more widely recognized.

The ad features a real designated driver who was in a bar with his friends and that is the surprise of thanking serve as designated driver. Advertising emphasizes the important role of designated driver and its positive impact on his community.

"The advertisement Thanks to Budweiser designated drivers adopt a completely new and very creative approach to the fight against drunk driving, communicating a very positive message," says Andrew Oosterhuis, Brand Manager, Budweiser. "Budweiser placing on the desire of Canadians to put an end to drinking and driving. We know that people want to do well and we want to recognize the fact that they take personal responsibility to volunteer as designated drivers and contribute to ensure the safety of all. "

Awareness effected by a variety of other initiatives and designated driver programs has contributed to a reduction of driving with impaired faculties in Canada. According to Statistics Canada, the rate of alcohol-related incidents and driving decline by 56% between 1986 and 2011. Yet Canadians still consider drinking and driving as a priority concern.

"The designated drivers do more than protect the lives of their relatives and friends who get into the car - they contribute to keeping our roads safe for everyone. Canadians recognize increasingly that designated drivers make a valuable contribution and deserve to be famous at the same way as any other volunteer, "says Oosterhuis.

To view the new campaign for Budweiser Thanks to designated drivers, visit

† The survey "Designated Driving: A New Generation Comes of Age" was conducted by Ipsos Reid between 5 and 15 July 2013 for Labatt Breweries of Canada. The survey was conducted online from 1,318 Canadians (1014 holding not a valid driver's license), aged between 18/19 and 34 years (depending on the legal drinking age of each province) from the Canadian panel of Ipsos. The sample for this survey was weighted to ensure that its composition reflects that of the population according to the last census data and provide representative of the general population results. The precision of Ipsos online is measured based on a credibility interval. In this case, the margin of error is ± 3.5 percentage points, compared to the result that would have been obtained if all Canadians aged 18 to 34 years and holding a driving license had been consulted . All sample surveys and polls may be affected by other types of errors, including coverage error, and measurement error.

The designated driver is defined as the person, within a group, which has been designated as one who abstain from alcohol in order to bring his companions home safely.  

SOURCE Labatt Breweries of Canada

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