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The new test center at the Nurburgring Hyundai

The new test center at the Nurburgring Hyundai picture #1

Hyundai Will create icts own division "performance"

The new test center at the Nurburgring Hyundai picture #2

Hyundai: mittal by a cigarette lighter USB port

Hyundai Motor Europe today Announced That Is Has Its final preparations Relocation Has Its new vehicle testing center Located on the famous Nurburgring race track in Germany. These new facilities Will Provide Specialized company HAS a permanent base on the race track Nicknamed "the green hell" and Deemed as Being One of The Most Demanding tracks in the world. The Hyundai engineers can use thesis facilities to Evaluate and Improve the quality of products as well as the dynamic behavior of vehicles.

The test center, Whose building shoulds be completed in August 2013, has-beens SPECIFICALLY designed to meet the Needs of Hyundai. The structure of 4 floors and an area of ​​3,622 square meters (11.883 square feet) Will house shops, offices and a VIP area. The impressive exterior design Incorporates Elements of glass and metallic finishes Has the image of the modern style of the products of the manufacturer.

These facilities are in fact a natural extension of research and development facilities of Hyundai in Europe. The center of research and development is a current Russelsheim in Germany, in 2003, established to house the powertrain WAS division, modification, and assessment of European market the company products. Each of These divisions Will Henceforth easy access to Rigorous track Nordschleife (North Loop) 21 km, ALLOWING em to perform a number of Greater evaluations Were larger number of vehicles Each year. More SPECIFICALLY, Hyundai Will perform tests of durability ACCELERATED simulate difficulty driving requirements over a distance of up to 180 000 km In Just a few weeks ago. Such tests Provide valuable data on a multitude of parameters of vehicles.

"Quality is one of the Fundamental gains of Hyundai and the key to customer satisfaction," Said Allan Rushforth, Senior Vice President and COO of Hyundai Motor Europe. "The Nurburgring is the perfect place to test the durability of our vehicles. We can apply what we learned-have from our development projects for the benefit of our customers in matters of quality and performance."

The capabilities of additional tests We provide this new center HAS Hyundai Will perform accelerated testing of 11 vehicles in 2013 and to Evaluate the steering, suspension, behavior, and handling to calibrate perfectly for new models.

The new test center at the Nurburgring Hyundai picture #3

The new test center at the Nurburgring Hyundai picture #4

The new test center at the Nurburgring Hyundai picture #5

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