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Energy Efficiency: dealers withdrew Their labels

A growing number of Canadian dealers pull the labels for energy efficiency That The industry-committed Itself to display Each vehicle is under a voluntary agreement with Ottawa there 15 years.

A survey of Nearly 600 dealers across the country Revealed That The labels displayed Were not there only 63 percent of new vehicles Exposed to the outside.

As for vehicles Exposed to the inside, the label WAS not present in 43 percent of cases. Some high-end models like BMW and Rolls-Royce, never wore That kind of information.

These results are published while Natural Resources Canada undertakes a revision of the voluntary labeling for new vehicles, All All All which is share of the EnerGuide program, and a dream to make it mandatory.

The share of the EnerGuide program Relating to Energy Efficiency of vehicles WAS Launched in 1998 to better inform Consumers of gasoline about the new cars and trucks use.

The program Requires manufacturers to Evaluate the effectiveness of various models energetics ACCORDING to the standards and procedures,, established by the government.

The straw poll Revealed That The dealers HAD removed the labels Because They Showed the sale price. Were others abducted for "aesthetic" Reasons, Some Have Said That while the labels attached to the windshield "Harmed" the field of vision of drivers falling on road tests.

Several other dealers-have argued the labels That Did Not Provide accurate information about the effectiveness of energetics.

According To the chief economist of the Corporation of associations of auto dealers, Michael Hatch, the labels are less useful. Besides the price, the Most Important They provide information on the consumption of gasoline, and MOST Consumers visiting a dealer-have already conducts audits on this issue before.

The federal Department of Natural Resources Plans to change the appearance of the label to add data on pollutant Emission and create special labels for electric vehicles.

By Dean Beeby

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