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Auto dealers want a boost from Ottawa

New car dealers Ottawa would give them a boost by enhancing its program of scrapping old vehicles in the hope that it will bounce their anemic sales.

On after the Corporation associations auto dealers (CADA), there are currently about 6.9 million cars built there more than 10 years on Canadian roads.

These vehicles emit a disproportionate amount of greenhouse gas emissions responsible for global warming. Thus, a model bought new in 1990 generates about 34 times more pollution than a 2009 model.

Since last year, Ottawa offers $ 300 to owners of "clunkers" who want to put their vehicle scrapped.

However, this is far from sufficient in the eyes of CADA, which reclame incentive ten times bigger. That $ 3000 could, however, serve as the purchase of a new car.

This proposal is based on a program comes into effect in January in Germany and has contributed to an increase of 21.6 percent in sales of new vehicles in a month.

According to the CEO of CADA, Richard Gauthier, such a policy would obviously be good not only for the environment but also for the automotive industry is going through its worst crisis since the Second World War.

Sales tumbled effect of 30 per cent since November.

The dealers argue that program costs would be partly counterbalanced by higher GST revenues of the government and the tax on the income of employees of retailers, who retain their livelihood.

In addition to this measure, the CADA asks the federal government to ban vehicles whose steering wheel is right.

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