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Earthquake in Japan: an affected very automotive industry

The earthquake and tsunami especially that followed caused extensive damage to several assembly manufacturers Toyota, Nissan and Honda which are by far the most affected by the earthquake factories.

And as if that was not enough, here they face has a second disaster this time is the major nuclear power plants in the country that have been savagely attacked by tsunami. Thus, beyond the radiation risk faced by citizens, this new misadventure will result in having to ration the country's needs for electricity and thus force a duty lower industrial production.


After having announced the closure of two factories and as a first step, here we add two others. Thus, it is complex Hamamatsu, Ogawa, Tochigi Sayama and which are ultimately referred by these judgments. The Centre for Research and Development is a Tochigi remains inoperable following a collapse of one of its walls.


In total, four assembly and two operation centers have been greatly damaged plants. These assembly LOCATED has Iwaki, Oppama, Tochigi and Yokohama plants. The operation centers Honmoku Warf and Zama are firm. Devastated the Port of Hitachinaka, over 1000 models of Nissan and Infiniti brands reserves the American public, who were swept away by the tsunami.


It is the biggest in almost everything or even be the most affected by the earthquake. So far, the manufacturer had to close four respectively at Hokkaido, Iwate, Miyagi and Tohoku factories. Toyota management believes that these judgments production could give effect to production cuts that would affect no less than 40,000 vehicles.

From the Japanese among the most affected manufacturers and had to close many of their assembly plants, we can expect this week has relatively better news announcing progressive or total or partial reopening of their different factories and centers of operation.

We speak of course of occasions of activities some of which may be dependent also causes damage to the infrastructure of their suppliers.

Builders Mazda, Mitsubishi and Subaru Suzuki have definitely had better luck.

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